Answer the questions as if your death depended on it. Some questions allow you to qualify your answers with a second drop-down-box.

When were you born?

Your DOB has a profound influence on your DOD.



Think hard before answering this one. Women generally live around 7 years longer than men in similar conditions. Or maybe it just seems that way.

The killers (1) Smoking

One third of people who smoke will die prematurely. However very few of the people who smoke will actually go on to burst into flames. Spontaneous Combustion is not as prevalent as you might believe.

On average how many cigarettes do you smoke a day?


The killers (2) Location Location Location

If you live in Syria or in the shadow of Mt Vesuvius there are factors that may affect your lifespan differently from people who live in Luxemburg or next to a hospital.

Select the statement that best describes your location

The killers (3) Transport

On average a person spends 7% of their life in transit. This can be the most dangerous time of your life. Particularly if you are flying with Malaysian Airways!

Do you travel in a vehicle with less than 4 wheels, or with wings?

The killers (4) FAT

The bigger they are the harder they fall.

Can you see your feet?

The killers (5) Lifestyle

Some things are good for you …. and some things ain’t.

In which of the following do you engage?

 Social Drinking.  Anti-Social Drinking.
 Recreational Drugs.  Non-Recreational Drugs.
 Safe Sex.  Unsafe Sex.
 Motor Sports.  Non-Motor Sports.
 Glue Sniffing.  Super-Glue Sniffing.
 Binge Eating.  Minge Eating.

Minge is a rude word in the UK. But is meaningless in many other countries. You be the judge.

Do you think this page is too gloomy?

Your reaction to doom and gloom is directly linked to your optimism. Optimistic people expect to live longer than pessimists.


Your Star Sign

Of course a lot depends upon the position of Uranus, but your fate could be written in the stars. We need to know which constellation has your number.

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