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motherofslugs she/her it’s almost 10pm and i’ve just realized i’ve been wearing my top the wrong way around all forking day when will i die
Oluwadamisire_A eunoia When will I die? Date and time. I’m an elderly person, please don’t stress me.
T0MANBAJI how and when will i die? 🤔 guess who’s back losers. not spoiler free
ThehiphopfanV2 Yeah “Show me a miracle, I'm hopeless I'm chokin' off marijuana smoke With every toke it's like I'm losin' focus Fallin' asleep while I'm in service, when will I die? Forever paranoid and nervous, because I'm high” One of the coolest/nicest guys you'll know. I tweet lyrics, JOKES, & whatever I'm feeling at the moment. I also make remixes/edits of songs $Thehiphopfan
Cinnamonyoulol2 Jupiter📍 I am. I now admit I am workaholic and a lazy bottom person at the same time. When will I die Watch me nae nae
reydebasura Un Basurero, COLORADO🗑️ People say that there are two deaths: when your body dies, and when people forget what you existed. I wonder, when will I die a second time. Will I die before my body goes? ¡Fracaso Garantizado! Evil for no reason. Dumb of Ass! ¡80ero Moderno! VHS Collector! ¿¿¿Artista??? 😔💖Crushes On Fictional Characters💖😔 18 El/Him 🇺🇸/🇲🇽
travishelwig Los Angeles I will die on this hill. The last decade has proven that nerds are much worse for our society than jocks and we need to stop acting like nerd culture is cute/harmless when it is insanely toxic. co-creator of EDITH! starring Rosamund Pike, out soon. fmr head writer/producer for @crookedmedia and @adamruins. also worked @ Billy On The Street, FoD.
VanityFair New York, NY Gwen Carr: Mother of Eric Garner, 43, July 17, 2014. "I still smile when I remember his jokes and how lovable he was. If I could see him one more time, I would tell him that I love him. That I miss him.…That I will fight for him until the day I die." Vanitas vanitatum.
GJKM_9085 Middelburg, South Africa Are we ever going to see an end to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict? I found this war going on when i was born and it looks like i will die with it still going on, yohh! Never ever allow your background to define YOUR FUTURE.
jeremymoles Towanda,Pa so hopefully one day when i die whatever i have left will go to my future kids and there family that connects so it will divide out rite amongst everybody im a country boy i love camping,illegal camping fishing,hunting i do pornhub as a career yup starting out pornstar 50 Cents quote: "Get Rich or Die Tryin"
RutkowskiDr The answer to the fourth question is the Lord Yeshua. Confessing with one's mouth the Lord Yeshua is especially important. When one does this, he is saying, “I am a sinner, and if I die as a sinner, I will be separated from Adonai; however, I believe that Yeshua The American Voice Institute of Public is a faith based organization dedicated to educating and training American citizens about public policy issues.
Boanerg64114932 @Humans_Are_Lost @JosephClark76 @LeotheGreat19 @WaitingAtheist @Pontifex @thePumamama This is what you worship. That is a sick and twisted creature.Your master will bill you and take you with him. You choose. Remember. Jesus, I trust in You - call to him when you die. He will come and save you Jezus jest moim JEDYNYM PANEM I BOGIEM i KRÓLEM.
bubblesdevv_ missing adrian everyday This is how and when I will die ⠀ @ItsAdr1an19 is my love 💕
butlerbatos sadistic butler. This is how and when I will die ⠀ The Demon Prince’s butler whose only personality trait is drinking tea.
the_mattydaddy kzoo Today I told my 11 year old niece that she will inherit everything I have when I die. She told me she will use the money to buy a yacht and sail my cats around the world. That sweet girl deserves every forking penny 😂 Somewhere between satire and madness. Cat Dad. Big dick, bigger heart. House/Techno.
98_peterbilt Arkansas @cov_Gretchen The answer will be NO. If I die defending my faith and my country, then I’ll see some of you in Valhalla. My wife is already waiting for me and I can’t wait to be with her when my job is done. America lover, business man, cattleman, trucking owner operator #AmericanAngusAssociation #AHA #OOIDA #NRAforlife
BlueAuraMan Someday these identity pieces I’m doing will be interesting to deep collectors and super fans. Because I won’t be known for narcissism when I die. eh. I post some really forked up ideas sometimes, so.... content ⚠️ warning ⛔️ medical cannabis user.
TragityV2 The Depths of The Hallow This is how and when I will die ⠀ Its me storm the albatross from sonic riders zero gravity on the nintendo wii
Equitypers Witbank What do you do when attacked lay down and die? I will defend myself if Israel is not there different religious factions or extremists fights and blow up each other and innocent even in mosk Talent exchange agent Equity Personnel Witbank
Damawiun Pawpatrol of sins • H.I.L.F. • Art © Jaxx • Read the carrd, win the hyena's heart ♡ • dark × nsfw [] AND THEN. When I finally make the vudou lore come alive ... he's gaining immortality. And he will have to see his daughter grow old. And die. And who's gonna ferry her soul to the next plane : Azusa, of course :') ⠀⠀⠀﹝ ♡ ﹞ ➛ What, from the bottom of my heart, the fork.
msmegalodon lenape land When I die, I will come in fast and low. I will stick the landing. There will be no confusion. The dead will make room for me. lockefluencer • art & video maker • @sigfigscollect • formerly: @patrickhwillems • they/she • 20 • 🇺🇸🇨🇳
GeminonX Field of Fates This is how and when I will die ⠀ He/Him | Martial Artist | BLM | R.Mika, Sol, Akuma, Remy | GOATED OFF THE STICKS| 🤛 @goatrin0
Seedofcheif USA @un_a_valeable Every now and then there will be someone on here mentioning something like the 2016 election and they'll throw in that they were in freaking MIDDLE SCHOOL when it happened and i die inside. politics dweeb with a disconcerting love for Planes and national security Runs a news aggregator on NATO/Russian relations He/him 🧦🌐🗽 CENTCOM delenda est
_ssup13 Borneo "Tonight i put the kids to sleep in our bedroom. So when we die, we die together. And no one will live to mourn the loss of another one." 😭😭😭 Happily in love with @itszariff ❤ DM me if you're looking for affordable perfumes! 🔮
vincelambs ✨🌈THEY/THEM ♡ LAMB/LAMBS🌈✨ This is how and when I will die ⠀ 🌸🐑 *+:。.。VINCENT。.。:+*🐑🌸
goatrin0 ฅ ̳͒•ˑ̫• ̳͒ฅ This is how and when I will die ⠀ |she/her| blm | jam | robo ky | oro | makoto | bugsnax | 🤜@TawawaKamui | buff
RogueSomers I get mad when people say that Crosshair will die, or that he HAS to die, like they're 100% right. BISH YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN; YOU'RE NOT THE WRITER. Look at Kallus; he massacred a whole planet and still lived...even lived among the survivors of said massacre. Electrical Technician. Nerd. I love Star Wars. She/Her
OfficialTrell83 @Adriana49700815 @FoxyBrown Foxy is legendary and will always be. There was a time when her fans were as die hard like the barbs are with Nicki that's why I fork with the barbs they go hard for Foxy’s Lil sis @NICKIMINAJ
tehoeyes when I die will my lecturers remember my perfect assignments and test answers? no. but will people remember my Sick bottom tweets and insta stories? also no. watch the shadows of these hands carefully
justdunwithlife 17 he/they 💖💛💙 This is how and when I will die ⠀ Always outlining, never actually writing TwT | header: @AciesGecko #BataBayanihan #ParaSaKinabukasan
Flawlessimage2 Indiana, USA @USSRIsabelle @CoolStasisBro @noobde No let me be clear am a Liu Kang main. I just want a finshed game with any game I buy. Its unprofessionalism and unprofessional for @noobde to say Mk11 will be the longest running game to let it die out them tweet about another game when not finished Mk11 that's what I am saying. I play Mk 11 and YouTube @ Flawlessimage. Come support me and like and dont lol. Subsribe to my channel thanks. look for all up date for Mk 11..
Kaytriss99 Indiana @adrienrocksad What I’m thinking is 2 questions: 1.) When did this start? and 2.) What measures are going to be taken to ensure that Gary doesn’t die? It’s not like there’s selenium just lying around at ones disposal, and the crew will find out eventually as they did with Quinn. Animal/Nature Lover, Bio Major/Franklin College Student, Artist, Animation Lover (FINAL SPACE!), Loves Jesus, Autism/Asperger's, Military Kid! LOVE, INSPIRE!
AF5FInHkyjjUmya Okay, I will not talk about the brutality of the Israeli occupation but I want you just to imagine living for 4 days you are just waiting to die. Wearing your clothes, holding your children, and when you hear the sounds of bombings you begin to freak out. #Gaza_Under_Attack Life is soup , i'm a fork | #FreePalestine | MCCU 🎙️🎥 | Roshdi 💕💕
lovetoSMELLITx Imagine warzone having an anti cheat, imagine being able to actually enjoy the most popular game on the planet. But no al these little man child idiots have to use walls and cheat, I’m convinced 90% of the player base is cheating. This game will die when battlefield comes out. idk/idk jk/jk you’re/mad
nadasam40677932 @ItsSchillerTime @greenparenti @RoKhanna when did i ever say to kill them! will they die if they went out Palestine? let me tell you someting, i will never be okay with people being killed, butthey are kiling my people. is that what is okay with you. my religion ask for peace between muslims and Jews and Christian.
LidaJames22 Los Angeles, CA @DeityShe Awww. That’s so sweet. My college friends have been great. And a few mom friends checking in. Moving forward I will check in when parents die. I realize how comforting that is. And it’s so easy to do for people. Just check in. It helps. Thank you. Writer, mother, snowboarder, former dancer, listener of loud music, reader of everything.
exit30b when i get through this nonsense, i will be telling the story till I die : how i sat tight at home for weeks together and then contracted the virus while hunting for vaccine shot for my mother 🤦🏻‍♂️ i don’t know, man. (he/him) 🌈
Mycheta One of the things I look out for in every long term coin/project I invest in. When all the hypes die down, it's the use cases that will keep a project progressing further. Sold my $Ada long ago and invested in $one. Ada has huge supply and basically not used for anything atm. Crypto capitalist. My greatest failures are the things I know I can do but didn't have the guts to try. They are so little.
WingRiddenxx wondering how life for those around me will be when i’m gone, they’ll be okay. they’ll die one day too and we won’t even remember each other existed. ~ It’ll all be over soon, i’m not here to be “edgy” | Simply, life is unreal and this is a space to vent till i reach the end. Stay strong everyone ~
ur_local_Lizzy This is how and when I will die ⠀ h i
kaylaconsuela Texas, USA I want to make it to where nobody has to do anything when I die but show up to the funeral and go home. No Repast bc somebody will have to serve food and clean up. Just get dressed, funeral me, cemetery me, and then go home with your little obituary and go on with you life. 🤔 😑😒🙄🏳️‍🌈 ♓Pisces ☀️, Pisces ⬆️, Aries 🌙 🗣🎙 You're not the big fish in the pond no more, you are what they're feeding on....
frownieberries Albany, OR @dawniequel @hadifarhan_ @moz6212 @MSNBC @AliVelshi When you die nothing happens. You are wasting your life and making the world worse with your violent cultish beliefs. Life is precious, I will hope that you some day begin to live yours free from lies and false belief. Ghost Faced Killer Whale
APlayFNStation Mars @TheVeerUnion Yes. Life is short. If God is real (and i believe he is) we will have an eternal presence?... But just in case? Im living life here as if hes not & it all ends when i die! On both levels we only live this life once! #Retro & current #gaming @apfns on #Twitch & #DLive videos posted on #ugetube! #xboxone #switch #ps3 + more! home musician also!
Prince__nelly Lagos, Nigeria @GbemmyG @Dlaureate You mean settling, even when its clear you are not respected or valued? Whats the difference?I rather commit suicide and die,I Will never, I repeat I will never settle for any thing that doesn't place any value on me. For what's dead may never die but rises again harder and stronger🧎🏿‍♂️
motik64 United States @PWM62 @felixCatus8 @ClaireRedacted It's hard 4 me disagree w/ U, b/c I hate Hamas and its tactics but Israel has to take responsibility as well. When ppl die it is war, there will b casualties on both sides. was born, now live, will die 🇺🇲🇮🇱
dardar2341 Playoffs I will defend Shea Weber & his worth and what he brings to the Montreal Canadiens until the day I die. His contract was worth every penny in 2014 when he was exceptional. He showed us again just how good he is in the playoff bubble underperforming sports team enthusiast. except for the @avalanche they do good.
ihatezhongIi any pronouns ♡ hispanic This is how and when I will die ⠀ 23
anned83 Greenville, TX Just to be clear, I am a fool and therefore when I am knocked down, beat down, exhausted, and ready to give up for good and lay down and die - THAT is when I am lethal. So, you want to push me over and over until we reach that - fine, but I will stand back up and finish you. All in. Open book.
Atomicway Florida USA At least when I die I know no one will be affected and thats kind of comforting. I hate myself for loving you. wish I could be more like you and just stop being in love with you.
MUP_MVP Malta This is how and when I will die ⠀ Flex Support / Peak 4459 / Twitch Affiliate / T3 Player #AnaLover