When will I die.

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Shimeson_Enoch Lagos, Nigeria @jci_nigeria Knew about this when I was reading about the company last year. The funniest thing I ever googled 😂 I googled "when will I die" and Google gave me an answer. CEO @7Cents_ltd. #SDGs8 Member @JCI_Nigeria |God |Music |Business |Finance |Personal Development |Technology and Innovation.
CarinaJulig Denver metro I thought to thank her for the Mythology, she asked why I liked the Greeks, and by now I know it is because they never die, but live unknown among us. She was quiet then, so I asked if there was anything she wanted to know about what was coming, and she said Yes, when will I die? @SentinelColo education reporter. Send tips to cjulig@sentinelcolorado.com & subscribe to my newsletter at Galatians 6:9
henny_550908681 @Tazmylife1979 good question and the answer is yes questions like when will I die we do not answer ..medical questions we do not answer we are not doctors its simple if the answer does not bring any value to the person you leave it alone ❤️ I am a medium... happily married so all your love scammers out there, move on I read you like a book and guess what? it ain't interesting nor pretty !!
earlyart_17 How long I could live? Funny, when I asked god to just let me the one to die rather than my dad. Cut my life span to half or more for him. But it seems, it comes true since my dad gets healthier day by day. And now I'm wondering, when will I die? I hope soon... 🖤 still stuck.
calmolive @animesvibes__ When will I die and be set free from HF and JC, his favourite bhadwi SS and Kitty's thoughts, this evil Satanic World? I want to perish 🙌🙏 Job 6:4 The arrows of the Almighty are in me, my spirit drinks in their poison; God’s terrors are marshaled against me.
MeowmeowTnt Portland, OR/Shivering Isles @bioodboner Cools, you get to travel worldwide! And at least you don't die on a toilet. Or in a port-o-let. Ewwwwwww. Bonus points if it's a luxury car. (So when will I die? Or would asking break the algorithm) 2 of us, 2 of 🐈, what else is needed in this world? 😸
nicsden_ he/they | czech i had such a sweet convo with my 4yo sister today she asked me when will i die and what's my favorite song that she would ask them to play it on my funeral i- help :') h•a & tøp stan acc @smplystressed 🫶
BossRaythe Man my dad forgot to bring one of my peen medecines and I’m supposed to be having it by now…. When will I die :(
SVW790 Just finished reading Robin Sharma's "Who Will Cry When You Die" and it's a game-changer. The book explores the essential elements of a fulfilling life and provides practical tips to make the most of every day. One of the most intriguing things I found was the idea of creating a… General Secretary Maharashtra Pradesh Youth Congress. Student forever. Central leftist. Strong believer of “Be the change you want to see.”
MelissaOng69420 being a creature somewhere my kink is when they’re nice to me and never say anything to hurt my feelings because they know i will internalize it and continue to feel pain from it forever until i die formerly “chunkysdead”on TikTok etc. went to Berkeley (hated it), worked for Google (also hated that), and now i make memes out of all my intrusive thoughts 😎
SavMondo Not in the kitchen When I die and I get that 7 minute flashback of all the highlights from my life… that Isak assist will be in there. Onlyfans of NUFC Twitter and wearer of mystery knickers. Lover of attention. NUFC, NCFC & unbiased F1 fan.
CatholicDan66 USA @NoelHDelaCruz @Catholic4Choice You are what pure evil looks and act like. I will continue to pray for you. One question though; when you die and you find out God is real, how will you answer him when he asks you why you turned your back on him? Fishing and Golfing Catholic Apologist. Follower of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
MsPonica Okay, so when people die, I really want to know why do people post certain crap on social media? Likeee, your person just passed and you feel you have to flood social media with everything that happened between y’all. That will always be weird to me, I don’t get it. I’m still your favorite fairy 🧚🏾‍♀️ ♒️
JoeyOwvu1976 @ToddHagopian My opinion and I will live and die by it is there is only mail and female. If you want a doctor to change an image that's fine but you're still going to be a male or a female .. So stop with the freaking transgender BS. When you publicize something I'm going to call you a freak. Just a guy being a guy. Conservative and yes 🇺🇸Trump won in 2020🇺🇸. Truth Social @JoeyOwvu . IF you DM me you will be most likely BLOCKED!!
SowaziWandile @Nadia_nakai Askisi Sisterrr. I don’t even know you but we share the same pain. I’m so so sorry 😞 groot man was on another level and the industry will never be the same. RIP@AK. But please know that when we die we are reborn into eternal life. God Bless Nadia
KuraioBushi my entire world @_3rdHerrscher "My entire life is built on destroying a god, the one who caused my homeworld to be destroyed." She replied while sighing some. "I am always chipper when it's the morning, and my power hungry spree will not die till I either die or win.." Then her life can be quite normal for… Carving my own path ❅ my cutie to protect ♡; @edgedfromdeath ❅ Samurai of #𝙉𝙤𝙫𝙖𝘼𝙨𝙝𝙛𝙡𝙖𝙢𝙚𝙨 x #AyrasSimp x #𝙲𝚑𝚊𝚘𝚜𝙷𝚊𝚛𝚋𝚒𝚗𝚐𝚎𝚛𝚜
IWasBornIn1975 Earth, so I'm led to believe. @SandraK87933686 @Sobana_Blupaw @ACTBrigitte I don't believe in Heaven or Hell. I think when we die, that's it. Finito, end of story. We're either worm and maggot food or a pile of burnt dust. No one died on a cross for my sins. If anyone's dying for mine it will be me. And I'm still here despite multiple sins ... daily. .seil on uoy llet ll'I bna snoitseup on em ksA ɘɔnɘbiɔnioɔ ɘɿυq ƨi MƧM ot mɘʜt ni ƨɘitiɿɒlimiƨ γnA .nwo γm ɘɿɒ ƨnoiniqo γM
Jayetwt_ callie cat @hotanimeguy i cannot say what i want to say but i will say, shut the fork up, never talk on this issue again, this is the kind of talk thatll let these forkers get away with what they do, and when they get away with it trans people die. they are trying to get rid of us its that simple she/it pronounce | 16 | self-proclaimed experimental level | (check out @JayesFaves !!) @private_callie | jaye#4899 | pfp by @Fudge_Catt
its_Ok_to_die 20s I heard someone say “why go to the trouble of purging when you can just throwaway the food?” And I think they just don’t get the rush of binging, like yeah you will regret it, but is accelerating Just my thoughts
ShiroEinzbern Kara no Kyoukai remember, when I hold a grudge. I HOLD A forkING GRUDGE SO forkING TIGHT I WILL MAKE SURE THAT YOU WILL forkING SUFFER AND DIE SLOWLY. I don't give a fork how problematic this is I wish to see them suffer and bleed. Weiß - Shiro | 🏳️‍🌈 | 23 y.o frustrated artist | ✨Magical Girl ✨| worshipper of the moon deities
gvzander Chicago, IL when i die what will happen to all the quotes and poems i’ve collected. can someone take care of them for me thank you
CitizenZana Carmy I asked for mental health support over 3 months ago. I have received none. When I do it will be based on my old work schedule and I won't be able to attend. I am going to forking die. I got another twitter but my wife uses it but that's just for transportation. Neon Genesis Pre-Renegade Kautskyite Trans She/It HRT real start 21/07/22
kazuhak19270846 This is how and when I will die ⠀ In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take.
kjicixs She/her No because when you think about Red Light, Pink Tape, 4 walls have songs that the 4th Gen girlies got versions of and I will die on that hill Track No.6
sojib0_00 And after i Die, I'm gonna look for you in another universe.and when I'll find you, I will fall in love with you, Again. 🥀🥀
wtfharmony_ any pronouns + 19 Assuming I die at 80 and assuming a cats lifespan to be 13 years I will get a cat when I am 67 or at least 10 years before my death, whenever that will be stop laughing bro, i'm serious, i really like this johnny suh guy
PerdewJoe I know this probably sounds mean but abortion of Down syndrome babies would be a mercy. You are stuck raising a toddler your entire life and then have to worry about who will take care of them when you die. This is sad and sick. Middle conservative conspiracy enthusiast Mom cook outdoor enthusiast animal lover EXPERT FISHERWOMAN and professional asshole Aliens are real! “WE ARE ART”
Gop_firecracker @FordFischer I’ve never really understood why drivers don’t just keep going super slowly. Eventually these morons will get tired of being dragged. And it’ll be too slow to hurt them. Or just don’t slow down when they start walking into the road. Nobody wants to die. They’ll move. Liberty. No compromise.
GabrielQuinne16 another hill i will die on this morning is that the 49ers should have drafted Mac Jones. He would have been perfect for that system and I predict when it's all said and done he will be with the 49ers sooner than later. bama grad, cowboys,lakers and braves fan big mouth liberal
Daniel21965415 @MrBeast Hello @MrBeast i have a message for Chris. Hello Chris i have a question for you. I heard that you changed your gender its ok with me i have no problems, but when you will die God will ask you. Sooo... Chris. What did you do in your life And you gonna say you changed your gender?
addyrehal and after i die, i’m gonna look for you in another universe. and when i’ll find you, i will fall in love with you,again. Snapchat👻 - addyrehal
Chemistry_vns @Saiarav Our heart bleed when our adult die like that in kashmir and naxal belt which is happens ones or two in year I can't think how hard india will response if any thing like mass shooting happen in our school So called analysist
taaengineer @LinkeviciusL All I want to know is when the west will accept its responsibility of protecting the Ukrainian, as it was promised, in exchange for removal of nuclear weapons? How many more women and children should die? Russian army must be destroyed!
OkoloNkemdilim @mrfunny____ Sight me and my 6 kids,is it when I die that you will notice me?
gayomarlic “when i say that i will kill her i do not mean that i will shoot her, not so, I will kill her in my heart, not loving her anymore, and one day she will die forever” crnge szn
SymbioticEgo @SuavesitoCruz4U @skaterboy4697 @harryjsisson Thanks, I was pretty angry when I made that post. I guess it showed. LOL But, I didn't appreciate being called a "babysitting service," when we had brothers die over there. The arrogance and disrespect of that dude. People like him will duck tail and hide if they try to draft… A red pilled Native American. Husband, Father, Geologist, Rancher. Christian, Pro Life, Pro American, Pro Second Amendment. In Christ all things are possible.
IDeepak9835 🇮🇳 24×7 Headache 🥲 When I read this line 😭 "It occurs when a blockage occurs in a vein in the brain. This blockage can obstruct the blood going to the brain and a part or all of the brain can stop working. If this blockage is not opened then the person will die" I'm Partially Die Life is very short , Enjoy Every Moment ❤️
ArielleSunshin1 When I transform I can heal bring life blessings and protect you and we can all go home soon. I don’t want to die. And God said I was going home. So I want to wait for that day but if we make sure they only ambush themselves we will all live. You, me, my children, the angels, New account the monsters tried to do something and censor you being educated and protected because they are evil so they blocked the other account.
TheBestBeeswax fork Off, SOL3, GMT-6 @unflicuneballe Yes, we forking know they're both bad But when you have to choose between "If I win I will make sure you die" and "If I win I won't do that" you kinda have to choose one side over the other Hi I'm Chelsea. Avid roguelike enjoyer. Mother of Furno. Aspiring writer. She/Her, poly, gay as fork with six lovely partners
patdevlin0101 PA @AccountableGOP when I lose this time it will happen again and more people will die is what he meant to say #RESISTER, #WomensRights, #VoteBlue Former Republican, Cat lover, Dog mom, #BlueCrew
KFooglefam United States @ShawnWitzemann Lol sounds like their plan is working well. Set backs🤣🤣 I realize they don’t want EVERYONE to die on the road to 2030 but when your plan is crop reduction, centralized populations, and elimination of ALL carbon energy. Guess what people will die. So yes Darth Greta is winning. Family first Iowan second America 3rd Earth 4th Be Safe Be Prepared. Glory to GOD and Keep your hands off me until I tell you. 4-1-23 became a Trans Man 🌈
orollinson Atlanta, GA @rosiesgirll @jjrocke @KevinTober94 @ScottJenningsKY @rweingarten I will say this when a few kids in your kids school and neighborhood actually die from it… regardless of the numbers nationwide it will scare the crap out of you… the randomness of Covid was real and that’s not hyperbolic
rainedamodred When he says ily, but Lan said "You have made a place in my heart where I thought there was no room for anything else. You have made flowers grow where I cultivated dust and stones. Remember this, on this journey you insist on making. If you die, I will not survive you long.” 27 | she/her |Mexican WoT Grey Ajah | Trekkie | asoiaf | RoP | atla/lok | Catelyn Stark apologist | #SaveA11yBots
Dom32074751 Here I am saving people from themselves. If I don’t do it, everything will fall on me. I always get this funny look when I say I will die at the office and not in my bed. Sad thing I don’t know anything else to get out. Can’t afford more schooling and my kids are always 1st Lover of history, genealogy, photography, baseball, true crime, and films that are well written & acted. Loathes commercials, stupidity & Hollyweird
VincentPPerry @FoundationDads I agree that staying outside the system is better for your kids. That said, vouchers and school choice will starve the beast. When people see how different education can be, public schools will wither and die.
sun_flowersred like i wonder if oda will ever actually show us that moment when luffy declared his true dream to shanks, as opposed to just having told us about it (which is where we are now) but if he did i think i’d just. scream and die 25+ | she/they | shankslu shipper with a lushanks agenda 👒🍶 minors, antis dni 🔞 see pinned ⬇️ header by softcenteregg ♥️
Spinaaaaa17 The scenes when man crapty and madridiots bottles UCL and milan kings win it. I will celebrate it till i die.💀💀💀 Diehard gunner & Professional shoe seller. For more information call or WhatsApp me on 0782529461
LunaEmpath89 New York, USA @Curse_of_Ham That's why we take it one day at a time, we can't focus on the future. Believe me I still struggle with this sometimes. Like I worry about how I will stay sober when my parents die, I am very close to them and I know that will send me spiraling. 🥺 ✨🦋✨ One day at a time. ✨🦋✨
Shayakawaii Forbidden land I hope when I die, I have people who will pray for me and miss me always and give in charity in my name💓 19, problematic child🐥 I don’t do follow backs so don’t even bother following🫡 no dms, you’ll be speaking to yourself because I won’t even open them👍
RedBlooded_User @MHerbst50087148 @PaulRaynorUK @AnnLesbyPhD I have no reason to help an unrepentant sinner like you, I will simply say this, when you die, I want you to remember who and what you mocked while you were alive, you chose the oath you go down Imperfect Citizen. Pro-Masculine. Engaged. Use facts not feelings. God will judge you. firm believer in a monotheistic theocracy. Genesis 3:19 Jeremiah 51:20

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