How will I die.

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onionshorts_ Austin, Texas @ESYudkowsky There is hope - but misery loves company. Existence ends with a probable direct cause - answers the question, "How will I die?". It brings solace and despair. Perhaps, @ESYudkowsky in dark times - our ship will find a lighthouse. Technical Writer
justabagofsoup Queer Soup Store Cinema culture in general I think will die with our generation. Big epic movies were our escapism and we didn’t have other choices. Younger generations don’t have the attention spans for 3 hour epic chronicles of how some kids defeat a big bad thru trials and tribulations 2/ 🜏 Just a lil creature in-love with a chicken crumb🏳️‍🌈💕 They/Them ♍️ Decontruct the concept of gender
kcrapij007pal Haridwar, India Watching @ImRo45 & @hardikpandya7 against each other is so tough for us as a fan..we grown up watching hardik developed under ro. How ro transformed his career and made him what he is today. But being a Die hard @mipaltan fan i will support Mi only. @IPL
SavvyBeeBen Melbourne via Canberra &Perth My other grandad who was left disabled for years because of WW2 training as a teenager. War absolutely sucks. That should be the focus for today and I’m worried that as more people that remember WW1/WW2 die the memory of how horrific war actually is will disappear. 23. Unionist with a dependency on Social Media. Tweets not reflective of employer etc y’know the deal.
Andrewemcameron Aurora, Ontario @FrankDangelo23 @fordnation @VWGroup @VictorFedeli Hey @fordnation, How much will you make if you can get your way and just leave us all to die. I hope it's a lot. It better be. I'm worth more than your sorry ass. comics, videogames, movies, politics, Science, D&D, art, literature, and anything fun. Love kittens. Not for eating. Also I'm a chef and cancer fighter round 2.
Cameronn_monroe Wales, United Kingdom Genuinely don’t know how people go through life forgiving people for the wrong they have done them, I will hold a grudge until the day I die and take it to the afterlife but I’m built different I guess🤣
annaverbee My biggest fear of falling terribly ill (like not how I am now but where I can’t make decisions) is that the decisions will be taken away from my ‘family’ and caregivers and given to what the state considers my family, that when I die it might be away from them I'm nobody! Who are you? #ChronicIllness #MentalHealth #Disability 🌈
Hellhammer9999 Boston, MA Good morning hockey kids! No game today but there is a practice that I am on my way too. Don't feel to hot and am worried I am getting sick. Ugh. Tommorw is do or die 5th game so we will see how everyone looks assuming I'm not on my death bed. Rumor has it Bergy should be skating Southern Born. Minnesota Bred. Masshole Made. Hockey Raconteur. Goalie Enjoyerer. Miami 5 but a Boston 8. Proudly 🇫🇮🇺🇦! Lets PUCK! No I don't have an OF.
ThatOneBird224 17 || very big fan of g/t i hate how if 1 trans person does anything wrong a couple thousand conservatives will come out of their cellar and explain how that means every trans person should die TRANS PEOPLE CAN DO BAD THINGS, THAT DOESN'T MEAN TRANS PEOPLE ARE BAD, IT MEANS THAT PERSON SPECIFICALLY IS BAD 🌻 aroace (usually) transfem fella (she/her) 🌻 speaks nl & eng 🌻 READ my CARRD 🌻 number one silly 💪 pfp @norsecatt
MikeReese55 @WalshFreedom @fromthebunkerjr I used to work with a die maker who would use a vernier caliper so worn out you’d wonder how he could read it (and they’re not easy to read when new). He would turn out work with it that was dead on the numbers. Make of that what you will…
fuuukai20 click the link ⇉ This is how and when I will die ⠀ she/her || i color tomo-chan, please dont send me a cease and desist || click on the link then click the phrogs
24thminute Leaside, Toronto Loonie Dogs Night is the absolute worst night to go to a @BlueJays game. I will die on this hill. The gluttony is just gross and wasteful. Drunk dudes buying 20 hot dogs then loudly talking about how they are going to throw up is not a nice Tuesday night out, sorry. Podcaster since '08; blogger since '01. Host of NextPod. #TFCLive #CanWNT #CanMNT #MLS #CanPL #MLSNextPro. I don't stick to sports #CarsRuinCities #ToPoli
LolaForsythia @cturnbull1968 @stillgray Please, tell us how many women die from brow lifts. I will readily admit I do not know and was unable to find a single instance of this when I searched.
mahyaraniart @LuminousStar95 Ow that's a great one. I was thinking since it's added to the end it'll be about how this pink creature will die and plute acts as a bridge between portals to next era (probably being more into the fields of astrology and mythology) 25 he/him welcome may my drawings serve you right
prinnylee it takes me too long to get over stuff as it is i take forever to get over unofficial breakups of short-lived flings with forkboys let alone how long it will take me to get over my motherrrrr, my best friend, my ride or die and love of my life 😭 oh my god 😭 doll 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍
erinmargrethe Melbourne, Victoria Love to start my work week tomorrow already mentally/emotionally exhausted. Honestly I don’t know how to do it any other way. Just burnout on top of burnout and I assume it will either cancel itself out or I’ll die and either way it will be ok ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Professional Foot Scrubber / amateur dog butt-wiper @alittlehitch
nocompulsoryvac Australia @JReinerMD Wondering how many people have needlessly died in the past 2+ years and will continue to die in the future from the experimental gene-modification injections you call vaccines simply because people like Tucker Carlson were censored for profit? I'm truly asking questions. This is the Twitter page for If you can't make choices about your own body and your children, you are a slave.
SenatePa @AP Edit: I guess I will be “forced” to vote for my “reproductive freedoms” and my son’s life. Because as we know. “Nothing will fundamentally change,” and I am tired of watching all of this. How many more kids gonna die the next 2 years to have a repeat of 2020? working to ensure a better life for my son, community, environment, and the working people that make up this Commonwealth: we matter.
MimiE0417 Alabama USA @GuntherEagleman He sure will! It’s amazing how the other hosts barely whispered his name! Fox is dead to me! May their ratings tank and they die a slow death! Hell, I wish CNN would pass them in ratings, and they’re the lowest of the low!! ULTRA MAGA 🇺🇸DJT 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣4️⃣🇺🇸 NAVY MOM, Protect 1A/2A 🙏 Support Military & Vets 💙Back the Blue💙🐘RTR BAMA🐘🏈 ❤️Bless Your Heart❤️ FJB 😝 No DMs
gatormom7777 @kdlifey Horrific I'm lost for words right now on how to say this without getting banned. But if we stop pedophiles now from just sitting in prison and just do away with them, I guarantee you they will not do it no more. Any pedophile should not be alive and before they die they should be
covertroserisin Lost in a book What do you think is going to happen to your sisters & daughters who live in this very same society?? "I'll protect them" Ok but for how long? And what happens if you die early? And who will protect the generations of women to come from your family? Muslim. Wordsmith. Firstborn. Bringer of good omen & maker of great fries :)
_Lyricbee Around the way 🤫👀 Cause I’m the type to agree to some crap then get to thinking on how you know this bitch? And ya know bitches be grimy. And baby I’m bipolar, I will die bout that dick. Idk why people be playin me with but this African-American learned hard way. Ignore me if you want to bitch I’ll pull up🥴 Follow me on insta: @lyricbee_ follow my Twitter backup page @lyricbee_
amanb2021 Frankfurt on the Main, Germany @DinaDena00 I hope the peaceful generous and tolerant Sudanese people will get back to normal life soon.War is a painful experience for many who are not part of the warring parties. As a Tigrayan I know how deep the pain sits when innocent people die for the sake of power mongering criminals They call you a racist for resisting their racism Malcolm X, #Justice4Tigray, #TigrayShallPrevail #UnitedWeStand
_Ianthe__ @RoisinMichaux How we even have to have this conversation, I can’t believe it’s come to this. Danny you were born a woman and you will die a woman wether you like it or not. Only a woman can give birth and that’s a fact. And Stop gaslighting us to make us believe men can be women ffs Interested in pharma, science, health, bio breakthroughs, mining, batteries/metals, current affairs, ASX, EVs, & more. Not financial advice-Do your own research
ish4hobijoonie You don’t know how big this is!! Woozi and Yoongi?! I will die the moment these two will start making music together!! ARMYCARAT 💜💎, nam2seok wooboohao enthusiast ✌🏻
CommieSkum Stolen land someone accidentally smoked my lucky. my OCD is like oh yeah? bet. so now my brain has felt the need to list any and all ways i will die if i go outside, all the ways my cats will die if i leave them to go out, and how my friend i live with and her mom will die if i do. 🥄☭ your local neurodivergent commie ☭ 24 ☭ they/them ☭ 🥄
youknowkatt not in her heart Am officially giving Marcus Harvey his long overdue FLOWERS 💐 🎉❤️ I APPRECIATE THE EFFORT YOU PUT IN YOUR MUSIC TO SHOW HOW TALENTED YOU ARE will forever and ever and ever be a die hard fan
iTheThinker OKanghudi keengobe @QueenOfPersia01 @Lady_Ndina @oluwalatenda I don't even know how is the thin line between outeku and abuse an acceptable thing. "Just take this pill but you might die from it but don't worry it will make you feel better ". We advocate for anything in this country Male : Atheist & Sober ⚛️ -Aeronautical Scientist
rilegerard The Void @beanhowitzer Since it's only close to blowing by astronomical standards I wonder how many generations will live and die shouting at Betelgeuse to explode Freelance Artist | Dubiously Human | Bayou Hunter and Tarkov Addict I post whatever I want, so be ready for that.
ciaoaoai Somewhere in the universe This is how and when I will die ⠀ The Astral Express is launching in 1 day. All aboard! Honkai: Star Rail launch countdown #StarRailCountDown 🚂-~Let's~ go~ooo~
Dominionsreign Mega City This is how and when I will die ⠀ Dominion here!. The real one. I got a little advice for ya. Never meet or get too attached to anyone. They're all dicks in the end. Every last one of them.
jjunior5182 @nytimes I don’t understand how this corrupt paid for by China puppet thinks anyone will vote for him. You’ll be lucky if he doesn’t have a heart attack and die by 2024, not only that no doctor on this planet would say he’s fit for another term, and he’ll be sharing a prison cell by then
NAnasta97 This is how and when I will die ⠀
kurapikachains7 honeymoon ave can’t wait to have money to get plastic surgery. I can’t choose how to be born But i can choose how to die!!! and i will die being pretty.
LukaNieto Oiartzun, Spain If someone's interested I can share the document, but I warn you: it includes minor changes to the canon timeline (and when/where/how a few minor characters die) for the story's sake, as well as my guess at where the main character arcs will go. So it's a bit of fan fiction, too. Deputy Editor at @WatchersOTWall. I also talk about comics, here and at @ComicBookHerald. (He/Him)
ImpossibleBob The Empire of Washington is in decline. It will fall, as all empires fall. There will be secession into more rational polities, regions, and city-states. The only question is when, and how many die in the process. I prefer sooner, and fewer. The 13th Amendment did not abolish slavery. It nationalized it. There are more people in servitude in America today than in 1861.
NylonMan0 Nigeria @DONJAZZY @itkmovie Don baba. How I wish I fit get 3k to use eat this morning. Unless you want me to die of depression and hunger. And I will blame you for that. ❤️ motivational Quotes
d_d_asdfg how can I caffeine my way through this if I have a forkin headache😭😭 bro I'll prolly die and it will not be good coz i have a lot of things to do tomorrow 🫥 it's better to be held than holding on. ill stay with you
AndrewLandrum19 @WLTX Move people and run out of that town! They can hire the recently released VP of marketing at Bud light to help them with their image! How many more people will need to die? I would not hire anyone fired for excessive force.
Stright69G2 Green Hill Zone This is how and when I will die ⠀ just Sonic fan and a comic book fan '18'
HardScrape Manchester UK @elonmusk @Not_the_Bee "..children, who are suffering hopelessly and unbearably and will die within the foreseeable future," I don't see how someone can be for assisted suicide on compassionate grounds but unable to extend that compassion to kids also. End Tribalism. Classical Liberal/ Centrist
mtgorzki Московский Кремль @thejb_stan To be fair, most mobiks are just to passive to avoid getting forced into this war and if you think how it looks for them it is sad when they die, but if 1 million of them dying will shorten the war and save few Ukrainian live, it is sacrifice I am ready for. Defeating russia slower will not be cheaper! Arm Ukraine Now
escuellas 25. they/she. white. @arthursbigboobs and every time i talk to people i will all of a sudden remember how i sound and then i want to shrivel up and die 😔 save a horse, ride a cowboy.
boluwatifea84 Nigeria @badboicass @desola__xn It's the "make I die" for me 😅😅😅... Buttt, I will also do DNA for my children ooo, no matter how much I love my wife and vise versa Proudly leo ♌️ || Otaku || Here for the peace, violence, love and cruise the bird app has to offer || DM for anything 👌
Abiodun69762382 @PulseNigeria247 I will remember how Nigerians die in the hands of boko haram and herdsmen without mercy
funshodarq1 Ikeja lagos @ayo_ige @iredumare Yes there’s that but I’ve heard sayings that when a King removes his crown and looks into it he will die. I don’t know how true that is though. Oko Iya yin.
NanukyeP @AgrippaByayesu I think it's us the health professionals not seriuos about ourselves, let's all wake up one morning and no staff appears on duty at mulago , Kiruddu, Gulu, Jinja else where...see how many people will die that day..!! we see if the govt won't do something..
LlamaLlamaLlama aroace & enby, any prns + neos IF THE DEATHS AREN'T PREVENTABLE I WILL BE forkING DEVISTATED, Imagine knowing your child is going to die and knowing WHEN THEY'LL DIE but you don't know how so you do whatever you can to make them as protect as possible and then they just die immediately. It's so forking sad Uhh... hi || Alt: @salky__
REBORNFromAbove amazon.com/author/sandra.henri When Nicodemus asked Jesus how to be born again did Jesus reply by saying "I'm going to die on a Cross and if you believe in me, you will be born again that very moment?" Of course He didn't say that. CATHOLIC MYSTIC & WITNESS of JESUS CHRIST "REBORN From Above: A Tale of Eternal Love" THERE IS ALWAYS TOMORROW TESTIMONY #CATHOLIC #TribulationSaint #Endtimes
KuforijiHammed @CalebAroboi @abati1990 You will die before him. No matter how young you are. BAT is our choice and we voted for him in our region. As you wish him bad. I pray for boomerang on you and your born and unborn generation. He worked hard for it and he shall stay for 8years. Power goes back to north. I dont cheat and dont want to b e cheated