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0reichi Sometimes I just sit and think how will I die. Car accident? Killed? Disease? 20↑★りり ■ヒプマイ■ブラスタチームW推し,ヒースくん最推し■イラスト■日本語/英語♡SixTONES♡ →
seokspp they/pinks/pup see its mostly because i want to live to watch how everything turns out and if i die and there is a hell and i go down to it or i just die and there's nothing then how will i know if bts ever got a grammy or how will i die a virgin its just not happening gay (en español)
kooltaez Any Pronouns @soobinseternity Did u use those who is my family sht and when and how will i die website? Jail era with my bestie @santaesiast
AydenLincoln Easton, PA Do you ever have just deep thoughts? Is there life somewhere in the universe? (I think yes) When/how will the world end? What is at the end of space? When/how will I die? Where will I go? Questions no one will be able to answer and things we can’t comprehend give me ANXIETY!😭 Influencer 💻 | Multi-published Author 📚 | Adoption Advocate 💞 | Email contact@aydenlincoln.com 📧 | Website ⬇️ | ALL VIEWS/OPINIONS MY OWN
Sir__Mooha Abuja, Nigeria Thing’s that I can’t stop thinking about * When will i die😭💔 * Will I enter Jannah if I die😭💔 * My first day in the grave 😭😭 * Is Allah (S.W.A) happy with me💔 * Where and how will i die💔💔 Ya subhanallah ya rabb make it easy for us🤲🏽 Unique on my own way. Views and opinions expressed here are solely mine. #DatesFruitAddict Man CiTy
samstein Washington, D.C. Also, to be clear, everyone in the medical community says that by not briefing Biden’s team about the state of the COVID fight and vaccine development more people will die. And yet, Trump just doesn’t care and I can’t for the life of me understand how this isn’t a huge scandal. Daily Beast/MSNBC newsletter: Email: steindailybeast [at] or samsteintdb [at] or DM
HeidiNBC Washington, DC Frmr HHS counselor @lesliedach on @GSAEmily withholding vaccine data from Biden: "More people will die. I don’t how she’s going to account for this on her resume. It’s far better to be fired by Donald Trump for doing the right thing than to do the wrong thing and live with it." NBC News Correspondent covering politics/government ethics "Prezbella" Heidi.Przybyla@nbcuni.com Insta: @hprzybyla Michigan (Spartan)
MiddleEastEye “If I don't die, they will kill me” How economic difficulties and the traumatic impact of Israeli occupation has led to a worrying surge in suicide attempts in Gaza Your eye on the ground. Independent Middle East and North Africa news.
LilPhiii Washington, DC @KingKeeme I think it depends on how long it will takes you to save your way, if you’re broke it’s gonna take too long and you might die. if not you might just make it blah blah blah... you might see titties, enjoy it.
Hugothesausage1 @TeaPainUSA It’s a public health issue. I can’t believe how personal rights and “freedom” (to die, in some cases) is more important than a measured and sensible public health approach to a disease for which there is no cure, no way of knowing if you will do poorly, and a death rate...Trump😞 I’m a slinky dog with a wise owner (she thinks she is, at least.)
RedTory1 Saint John New Brunswick I don't think there are words to describe how the Trudeau govt and Federal bureaucrats have bungled the Covid vaccine file, thousands more Canadians will die in the coming months and the PM can't say with certainty when or if #cdnpoli will receive vaccine. #stormdulse ,#BCwine,English Setters,#Ukraine,supports transportation,energy econdev & right thinkers. UNB alum,#nbpoli needs to think outside the province.
ThatSmartGuy123 Worldwide So i wonder how many tens of thousands of people will die because people won't be able to just stay home for Thanksgiving and Xmas for one year and will instead spread covid to their whole extended families? Lost in thought...
bravesfire99 @SammyJean_3 @TomiLahren Don’t be a sheep. You literally could die any day by literally anything. I cant understand how and why you people think this virus is one of many that could kill you by the way, is going to be gone in the spring lol. Even after this vaccine comes out it will take years #braves #trump
FuzzyWuzzyTO Toronto @blackwjulie Squeeeeee! How wonderful! I demand pictures! Yes, you will never sleep again but you will age and die laughing. Equality, Socialism, Skepticism, Humanism, Science, Environment, Animals, Words, Trains. A rather gay anti-fascist dude🏳️‍🌈.
unqualifiedtake @LosientoIV @MerrittKelly1 @GPS_Sarasota @medit8now It took years for Twitter to become profitable, I am not sure how much venture capital support there will be for the platform... it will likely die or go unmentioned and become really scary I don't enjoy much.
PoliticalHeads ottawa @Wikinow2 @dianedeans @OPSChiefSloly @MeehanCarolAnne @judyatrinh @Eli_ElChantiry At some point, we die and our life flashes before our eyes. They will be thinking about all the ribbon cuttings, $, and retweets from their blind followers. They are basic I will be thinking about how I’ve contributed to real changes and shaped young minds (work in child care). Typically has Aspergers/ provides child care/ #metoo survivor/controversial artist. #boycott watsonclub
204queen0574 Winnipeg, Manitoba @AB_MD_WarRoom And with the health of many on the streets, I think most would succumb to Covid. Especially with the cold rolling in and regular flu season here. How many will think it's just a seasonal cold or flu and not worry about seeking medical help? How many more will die unnecessarily? Alternate account for 204girl0574. Unapologetically opinionated and a true smart ass. Sarcasm is my mother tongue. Registered member of the LPC. NO DMS/LISTS!!!
funlyricbot bot is ▶️ running So I met up with some friends at the edge of the night At a bar off 75 And we talked and talked about how our parents will die, All our neighbours and wives lyrics of the band fun. posted at hourly intervals. run by @grandromantiic. sister bot: @nateruessbot. also @ptvlyricbot @killerslyricbot.
rubylern @marcorubio How about more than 200,000 people dead, 12 million Covid cases? THAT is what we will remember about this administration. Operation I am going to go play golf while you get sick and die and I do nothing about it.
EUINBl run by a fan ⋆ one of enormous virgo prodigy from heaven who declare that twelveswan is her lovely sweet home. ㅤ look at how the sky are going orange-ish as the background! this scene is really describing our youth that never gonna die. i hope wizzies will get the postive energy that we representated in this group photo and enjoy it before we release the next scene! ㅤ 𝐗𝐂𝐕 ✶ Perfection of a matured nymph who will bring you untoward nightmares as what the holy deities tells. All eyes on me, flawlessly goes by 𝐊𝐰𝐨𝐧 𝐄𝐮𝐧𝐛𝐢.
jackiegill388 @sajmelwani I have no idea where this is headed. If she takes herself out of the equation and chooses Mahima, Saaransh loses and letting her have custody won’t fix her MH problems. If she chooses Rudra and Saaransh needs, Mahima could die 😭 How will she make a decision RuSha / Abrargun Stan #YehHaiChahatein 🌝🌚
obamaspinkytoe Illinois, USA thinking about how@someday everyone i love will die and i will look back on who i am now and how i lived with sorrow because i will miss it so much avid hater of stuart little and proud advocate for female supremacy • blm • acab
Lecybug Blue voter in a red state. @Allen58B I’d be ok with it if their ‘freedom’ just affected them. How many innocent people will they take with them? I struggle with anger and sadness because people are so selfish that they will let other people die before inconveniencing themselves. Artist, currently uninspired, and person wishing she could wake up from a horrible nightmare to find President Obama still in office. #resist #bidenharris
ShalKaakh Hills of Lolab, Kashmir faith and some did not even start with “Bismillah”. I was revisiting Salam and was disappointed how he was treated. He said the following about his country: “I was born in Pakistan and will die as a Pakistani”. Not any Arab from the Middle East, I am the progeny of Baba Dawood Khaaki, an indigenous Kashmiri.
CameronABishop @The_WGD Write some angsty soliloquy about it I love how he shines the light of The Holy Vote on the situation "What about what *I* think?" In other news I will be making the world's greatest turkey and enjoying it with my wife, kids, and friends - this guy can eat crap and die Casually radical
GingerLife6 When will people realize we can lock down over and over but until there are 0 cases in the world, Covid 19 will always around. How long are you lemmings willing to stop living for? Until the day that the inevitable happens and you die? I choose life and family, so 🖕sheeple! 🤬
PERFECTPLACES__ she/her 17 let’s just hope that these people never have to go through something as traumatic as that. They have no idea how bad it destroys you and how it will affect you until the day you die. I sincerely hope nothing but the worst to all of them. blow my brains out to the radio
BeenxTrillx 📍🐊From Dat Raq Baton Rouge Whatever you do if you like me got a crush on me or whatever please just make sure I know how you really feel no matter what cause when I die a lot of people will be hurt and would’ve wish so many things when I’m dead I don’t wanna get the most fame when I can’t see it 🌍 Baton Rouge,La 🐊 225📍 - 💸📲 📸” INSTAGRAM @Nonchalant_Sosaa ⚠️🧐. 📽🎞 Check Out My Music :
justiceaudre justiceaudre@gmail.com the fact that I now know Matthew McConaughey's dad died while he was having sex with his mom.... and that's how they both expected he would die..... this is information that will remain in my brain until the day I die freelance writer & social media manager | black & bi | buy me a sandwich so I know it's real | she/her | some nights @jezebel, some days tv @bustle
Secretn03254640 home will never be the same without him. Now he’s jus a picture and a memory to us. How cruel is this world. I hope pets would live longer and they can’t die please:(
sk3pt1c0n3 @TheKanehB I die for real the day it comes down to that. I give up nothing and I fight to the death the first person that comes near me with that GMO experiment. This is my DNA and I will keep it how it was intended with out your gene editing “vaccine”
IanJDickson Denver, CO How many headlines today were about the state epidemiologist’s chilling forecast for how many people will die, and how many were about restaurants and such? Not a knock on the reporting itself, but — I don’t think most people have grasped what’s coming. Web Editor at @KTOOpubmedia, formerly @AKearthquake, returned Peace Corps volunteer 🇯🇲. Email: iand@ktoo.org
Erynkeyss NY Okay you know how ppl talk about how long they would last during the apocalypse I was just thinking why would you want to last??? What’s the point??? Where’s the motivation to live???I barely have any now and you think I will during the end of times??? Absolutely not I will die💞 Taurus☀️Taurus⬆️Pisces 🌙 #blm #allblm
jeffrgq San Francisco, CA @generalperiwin1 @neoliberal_dad Like how when I was a surgeon who developed this awesome technique and scoffed when naysayers were like “patients will die tho” and lots of patients died so I later was still a surgeon but also a distinguished lecturer on why that technique is maybe bad? Tuba, trombone in @MissionDelirium, euphonium in @inspectorgadje All opinions my own. He/him//they/them #IamAntiFascist
love_Life_7633 @NozAhmed How you can lose a Champions league final after that. I will go ready to kill, and drink blood and die for tge team. Love Life.. Football.. Night Life.. Live Crazy.. Enjoy Life..
MonicaKTSM El Paso, TX We finally got out of the 70s, and got closer to seasonal weather. Winds are also starting to die down, allowing for the cold air to filter in. I will tell you how long this cool down is expected to last in your full forecast tonight on KTSM 9 News. Emmy Nominated Chief Meteorologist for @Ktsmtv #NexstarNation #WeatherAuthority ~When life gives you rainy days, wear cute boots and jump in the puddles!~
Ibrahimpols Pittsburgh, PA @brent858 I think they should straight up say they will die if take away. Scare voters. And mention how Republicans are taking away your freedom on healthcare & a private insurer deciding what’s right for your child/family etc. Link to freedom, family and life Muslim. Social Democrat but not a Democrat. Suffering Arsenal fan.
_hannahnoonan21 South West, England If coronavirus prevents me from seeing him yet again next year I will simply forking DIE. I can't even imagine how I'd feel watching him I just know it will be something I've never felt before and I need it !! Anyway u get all the luck when u dont give a fork dorzet/liverpool
chaosagent22 Washington DC Metro @eblais2 @happygolawky @bethwilensky I've learned that an accurate estimate of the amount of pain one will experience during a given class is inversely proportional to the duration of the class and how nice the instructor is, while in line with cuteness. If they have a ponytail, then you're gonna die. 3LE @auwcl, chaos agent, poker player. Dad to three cats, Casper, Cardozo Pawsgraf, & Calvin Coolranch.
carolebobarrel San Diego @ResistMona Hi Mona! I’m so sorry that you lost your cat today. I have 2cats and I know how heartbroken I will be when they die, but I can’t even imagine losing them in the midst of the pandemic. Please know that I’m holding space for you as you grieve. C Union Political Scientist, news junkie, profane feminist, Mom, Grandma, Margaret Carlson once followed me, Pronouns: She/Her #goblue
colin_sausage @GuyWDavis @Concernedrugby @LeftWingSociety @LauraPidcock @jeremycorbyn I very much doubt it. I think the GE showed just how much chance you have of winning again, and I’m speaking as one who hates Bozo and his band of not nice people. I think Paul is right, the Labour you love will die, you lot are so out of touch. Here purely 2 call out BS & take the piss. Note 2 morons, I’m no leftie, nor PC, just c Brexit 4 what it is. I seriously underestimated stupidity of the public
Chickenlegs61 USA @EffingGrim @RadioFreeTom I had this conversation. How awful for those who get sick and/or die being this close to a vaccine that will end this nightmare. I’m one of them readin’, spellin’, knowin’ where U-CRANE is, latte sippin’ elitists. Blocked by Seb Gorka. #Resistance
Bakatyler_ The Nearest Bed @HBJohnXuandou I like how instead of showing the *proper and safe way* to deep fry a turkey, they just say "Don't do it your entire family will die a painfully, greasy death" It's not my fault that corporate Amiibo-ed your meme sauce I'm annoying. Hello! FFXIV: Ba'kar Ligrev@Goblin Any Pronouns pfp: @crowssant 💜💖@HBJohnXuandou💖💜
JohnDStats @ChrisGodlak I know for a fact that the vaccine will change nothing. Think about it. You'd need to vaccinate 7.8 billion individuals. And how many will die from complications during the global campaign? Physicist & data scientist. Helping you navigate the ocean of data. DM for enquiries johndstats@gmail.com| |
DrMarranci Sydney @HankMeyerNAPP @DavidLeyonhjelm In Italy has and very much so. Just check the statistics. It has increased. Calculate that it is not even 1 year since the start of the full pandemic. As far as old people above 70 yes they will die more but I continue to say it is also how one dies. Covid not a very nice way. Psychological evolutionary anthropologist interested in emotions; identity, gender, religion, criminology; neuron-anthropology-based in Sydney, Australia
AlecsSoup Macdonalds @manitobahydro hey I’m starving here how am I supposed to eat when the powers out, I’m gonna die and it’s all your fault, I will be suing. ojibwe creator ✌︎ BLACK LIVES STILL forkING MATTER
TwiddlesPNW Oregon, USA @marysuewriter I will never forgive my German teacher for making us write an essay about Die Rote Katze (the Red callCat). The graphic animal abuse is supposed to show how desperate the protagonist was, but....forkING HELL it's been 25 years and I still can't shake the sick feeling in my gut. Yarn, LARP, cats, weed, social justice, ADHD, she/her. That about sums it up.
DenKaraoke @fordnation You know next election you are done right? Not one person on ODSP will vote for you. I am ashamed of our Premier on how you treat these loving caring people. You'd rather we all die and starve to death. Listen with your heart
ItsCherryBanks In your mind 💭 Just tried this new workout and omg i was about to die!! Haha i dont know how i will do this tomorrow 😂😂😂 Just an awkward lil cam model/solo porn artist! 🔞 | Join my onlyfans! 💕 | Coffee & 420 ☕💚 | onMFC everyday ☀️ | cum make me purr | TIKTOK @ItsCherryBanks
CFCCovid New York, NY “I am sorry that your physical and mental abilities have been stretched far beyond the limits of what any human being should have to endure. I am sorry for the sleepless nights you have spent worrying about how many people will die on your next shift.” Founded by psychiatrist Lori Plutchik MD and psychologist Marianna Strongin PhD we provide pro bono mental health care for NYC physicians fighting COVID.