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Ranvijai1 garnerville, ny @Loquacious_Lion I have always been scared on how will I die? Painful death is cause of concern. There will be peace after death so no worry about it. Major problem with above thought process is that one start looking forward to a preferred painless method of death and have suicidal thoughts. Any abusive handle will be blocked. Zero tolerance
__hedonist_____ Meerut @flyingbeast320 I was preparing for UPSC ESE Days before last week I was abide by my daily schedule of 12 hrs study and then ending my day with Rashi's smiles and Gaurav bhaiya's jokes But now I think everything is falling apart from me . I don't know how will I die that only scares a bit.
froppysolare My brother asked me for a reading and said "how will I die?" And when I started shuffling, HE SUDDENLY STOPPED ME LOL. He's scared for the answer. I DIED LAUGHING. I JUST CAME BACK TO LIFE ☀️Libra 🌕Scorpio ⬆️Cancer• She/her/they • 🇵🇭 . beginner tarot reader
ManavAr19399115 @ye7un @CUBECLC @ITZYofficial @hf_dreamcatcher @itzailee @WJSN_Cosmic @loonatheworld You don't how will I die if DC and CLC and Loona changes their songs InSomnia BL LOVER DC fanboy
VanityFair New York, NY Gwen Carr: Mother of Eric Garner, 43, July 17, 2014. "I still smile when I remember his jokes and how lovable he was. If I could see him one more time, I would tell him that I love him. That I miss him.…That I will fight for him until the day I die." Vanitas vanitatum.
Flibister phil I am not sure exactly what heaven will be like, but I know that when we die and it comes time for God to judge us, he will not ask, ‘How many good things have you done in your life?’ rather he will ask, ‘How much love did you put into what you did? MARKA ON HOTSPOT Love knows no reason,no boundaries,no distance...and doesn't ask for anything in return.
Bunnnnnnbunnnnn Idk, tell me. This is how and when I will die ⠀ (19)(She)(her) If you're not 18+, Go away shoo. put your age on your bio :)) わたしは、あなたを愛しています
ZoeJardiniere London Patel's Plan leaves inaccessible any route for refugees that doesnt rely on smugglers and huge risk to life. More people will die, that's for sure, but not one single refugee is going to just disappear because of this. I dont know how to make it clearer. People dont disappear. UK&EU refugees & migration. Feminism, LGBT+ & generalised incoherent ranting to boot. Believe in @Another_Europe. Policy Advisor @JCWI_UK. She/her. Tweets mine.
CamiEdwards18 This man always swear he leaving somebody 😂😂 baby I will stand up at the front door of your job and cry. And when people ask what’s wrong Imma tell them a made up sob story bout how you left me and your (imaginary) unborn son on the street to die. Play with me if you want to 😘 Mercer U Alumna🧡🖤• 🇧🇸🇻🇮• Aspiring World Traveler 🌎
JvsStuff South Africa @crazydutchy I don't know what would make him happy. Probably when I get covid or something and die from it, he will be happy. That's the only conclusion to which I can come. I really don't know any more how to react, because negative isn't right, and positive isn't right either. Blind musician born and raised in Pretoria, South Africa, diagnosed with BorderlinePersonalityDisorder on 9 nov 2020. Hobbies, anything tech.
BrainzIs I'll follow the bible and give my faith to Jesus so when I die, my sins will be washed away by the power of god. And you should too. Doesnt matter if you are part of the LGBT. You won't go to hell just for being gay, that isn't how it works. God is great and'll fix you either way
iamillumhenate Africa @SaharaReporters Even if I have to get shot in the process, I will get through to you and break that hand. What nonsense! How dare you lay your filthy hands on another man's wife? You dey madt ni? We die here. One of us must reach heaven that day. Useless idiot!...2 I am the best I can be right now and would ever be: ME!
justchinonye Camperdown, Sydney @AnyinaChidi @maazi_ogbonnaya @C_Onyedinma I don't want anybody or my people for that matter to die, and how does explaining the fact that a country will need to buy what they don't produce from other country translate to wishing anyone death? And who says there must be war before independence? A Diplomat, Philanthropist, Humanitarian, freelance Igbo Teacher, A1 in Igbo language.
meh42069 This is how and when I will die ⠀ we got random stuff, dumb tweets, and... @_nanamisimp_ is awesome @MysoGG has memes and I find her funny
Captain_Diagram California, USA This is how and when I will die ⠀ Play Yakuza and watch Love is War. This is not a request, this is a demand. I'ma be pushing that Yakuza and LiW agenda like a Jehovah Witness 😤
ThyDashMan @bloodwingthe I got banned telling a pedo to die too. Funny how twitter will allow them to say whatever they want and then ban us for calling them trash. Royal oil come on bubble and boil
Iindatwt No matter how hard I studied, no matter how much I perfected my magic…From the day I was born until the day I die, my brother will always be looked up to, and I can never be king. what are you thinking about?
h3artforbrains on da moon This is how and when I will die ⠀ crappost
onitafire123 I complied my idea of deathmatch into shape. I will announce tomorrow about the ultimate deathmatch on July 4th. What kind of evolution will it make? FMW and I are like zombies, no matter how many times we die, we will back to live. Atsushi Onita official account 大仁田厚公式Twitter。本人またはスタッフがつぶやきます ★LAJAcoffee
djmacboi This is how and when I will die ⠀ I
StardustVampire You know, Throughout all of my time studying Stands and how they worked, there was something I never considered... What if I stabbed myself with a Stand Arrow a second time? Maybe I'd die, maybe I'd get a new ability, maybe nothing will happen, I have no idea. Homoerotic vampire with the power to rule THE WORLD! | #VillainsClub #ChaosParodies | Parody Account, not official.
JaSamNation_ I’m a Cali girl through and through... so yeah the beach will probably be how i die!🌊☀️🦈🤷🏽‍♀️🤣 J҉A҉S҉A҉M҉ ...no hate, choose kindness, stay positive and have fun! 🤟🏽
drowninglight minor ✧ she/her ✧ muslim its funny to me how celebrities will wear the ugliest motherforking crap ever and y’all will be like!! omg!! love of my life!! so hot!! so sexy!! we stan!! i’ll die for u!! ❝ i need you. ❞ • #booktwt. cr: crooked kingdom ✧ tdg, mtgs, ccc, hn, kc | ━ @lilacswraith
Powderhunter75 Grand Junction, Colorado @TheCriticalDri2 Do the movie The Arrival. I want your thoughts and opinion on how the main character knows her daughter will die, but goes forward anyways. Kinda forked up. I liked the movie, but what a forking gut punch. The only easy day, was yesterday.
EmpathWriter @allenstenhaus I've replayed biowatch 1 over 3 times so I know 😭 because I forget how to play and hate when I die. But amalur I pick it up like it's nothing even after a year. Shows is a bit easier for me but there are characters I will forget because my brain deemed them unimportant anti racism. writer. pessimistic-realist. bookworm. anime weeb. gamer. 26, Leo, she/her. I am intellectually dumb
Code_RedSP Alabama, USA I will die on this hill There's gonna be a bonus character at the end of the fighter pass 2 similar to how Piranha Plant was the bonus before FP 1 dropped. There's gotta be a final surprise saved for us and I'm excited thinking about the potential 21 | A Flashy & Dedicated Smash Player | A Walking Pokédex | Huge Fallout and Fable Geek | Aspiring Content Creator/Musician | 'Let's give em a show!' |
PhillyFoothills Auburn, CA I just watched this again for the 1st time in a minute. This reminds me of how humbled and internally grateful I am for all of my fans/subscribers out there. You guys are the oil to the engine which is The Nest Out West and without you it will die.🦅💚🏈🦅 Eagles content creator on YouTube
mumair_786 Lahore, Pakistan "Every man and woman of the Muslim world will die before the Jews seize Jerusalem. I hope the Jews will not succeed in their nefarious designs and I wish Britain and America keep their hands off and then I will see how the Jews conquer Jerusalem. The Jews,… Muslim ❤️ | Pakistani 🇵🇰 | Medico 🩺
MysteryMythos Arkham, MA Why Digimon World on the PS1 is the best Monster Collection game of all time and how I will absolutely die on this hill. Welcome to the Mythos Mystery Society, an Actual Play TTRPG show. We have over 100 Episodes of Frights and Fun! He/Him.
iveythacker the moon @sezonjesienny she was blind and deaf before she was 2. HOW DID SHE WRITE ANY BOOKS? how did she survive? she’s not real. this is a hill i will die on. hi, how’re you?
DrPimK I’ve never understood why some people in this country don’t want a universal healthcare. It will bring the cost of healthcare down and people won’t die because they can’t afford to see a doctor. Most civilized nations have it. How backward are we? Environmental Scientist. Follow me and I'll follow you back.
KaryllAnnMRobl1 This is how and when I will die ⠀ FAN ACCOUNT (Of Kobie and Andrea) KODREA HERE💙💙💙💙💙😍
barwhimsy @netnyavi my migraine will pass eventually i tookpainkillers a little bit ago but they're mot helping. I have to talkabout carmen or i will die like how fish need to breathe jn water and not air rey / 22 / they | ♡ @WarringTriads | art only: @_fearcure | #LUXARMY | i: @hazardleveI
SavIsSavvy Pacifica, CA I seriously would not have made it through the last 15 months without my friends. I want to make a coffee table book with screenshots of our FaceTimes, tweets, dms, and texts that likely only I will enjoy (like this tweet) so I never forget just how ride or die y'all are Making the future less scary building communities & scaling empathy. Edmund Hillary Fellow. On (virtual) stage as a speaker/MC. I ❤️🍷🇳🇿🚀& my 🐕 Martini
lcviinn up ur ass This is how and when I will die ⠀ she!¡her | matching pfp with @arianaxclusivee
controlwastaken Karasuno High School This is how and when I will die ⠀ n1gga/n1gger 𝓟𝓵𝓾𝓼 𝓾𝓵𝓽𝓻𝓪 キャプテン闇
MasterA1_Gaming United States This is how and when I will die ⠀ 🇺🇸 🇸🇪 🇬🇲 “They say I act like I’m the man, cause motherforka I am.” -J. Cole 17 (He/Him)
breaker_677 Simulation This is how and when I will die ⠀ 18 || Male || I play video games || I listen to ASMR || I have ADHD || Spreading love and Postivitiy || I live in New Zealand 🇳🇿 The road to 500 followers
ByonkaD dr phil's basement This is how and when I will die ⠀ im bianca lol. i hide under sewers and give paper boats to children
RealKhiladi_X This is how and when I will die ⠀ Tᴜᴍʜᴇ ᴘᴇʜʟɪ ʙᴀʀ ᴅᴇᴋʜᴛᴇ ʜɪ ᴍᴜᴊʜᴇ ᴛᴜᴍsᴇ ᴘʏᴀᴀʀ ʜᴏ ɢᴀʏᴀ ᴛʜᴀ...
Puppyfairykitty Sri Lanka This is how and when I will die ⠀ 🎀@Kittyfairypuppy🎀 is my main acc.🤍🤍🤍 💗Besties ; @MMSaraKK1 , @Junnu_2 ,@KaurV21 ,@Chubby_Chhavii {.}
AnkitTheKhiladi India This is how and when I will die ⠀ Asli Bio Dil Mein Hoti Hai 😊
afamdi247 @KCBlessed1 @BIAFRA_EXIT I don't know if they used charms to hold them thereooo,how on earth can someone be dieing for who no car for him.if you die they will not know that you are dead they will hide it and they will not take care of your family,what are they really dieing for. Biafra first!!!.I love my Nation Biafra the land of rising sun filled with milk and honey Mother land I love you.
saejinvimp —she/her ! This is how and when I will die ⠀ •♡ bun saeji best boy ツ — 4.8.21 🐢 peaches ! vimps ! ♡
t0adfa1rie_iman planet peach This is how and when I will die ⠀ saejin, silver, saku, and vile🛐 other acc: @silverdefrog @Vilesbestie
thaliazevache planet peach This is how and when I will die ⠀ a bunch of asmrists been on my mind lately
huniiett howl's moving castle This is how and when I will die ⠀ we’re in a heartache
SOURDIESEL_LOU she!¡they | larrie | 15 This is how and when I will die ⠀ ⋆. ˚ ⋆ Put a price on emotion i’m looking for something to buy ⋆. ˚ ⋆
neiljameshorny your moms house she!¡her This is how and when I will die ⠀ carpool karabloke™️ to luke hemings host mode
angelboop_ monke kingdom This is how and when I will die ⠀ e-enough, enough! jus listenin to ya is makin my butthole tingle!

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