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toadmeister London If the vaccines prevent 90% of Covid deaths, why aren't more unvaccinated people dying, and why were deaths in many countries higher after the vaccine rollout? General Secretary of Free Speech Union (Editor-in-Chief of Daily Sceptic (Author of QPR Substack (
Sci_Phile Los Angeles New estimate of COVID deaths in the US shows that, on average, 50% were preventable with vaccination. 50% 1/2 HALF Poor leadership and deadly misinformation has literally doubled the harm of an incalculably harmful event. It’s almost unbelievable. Award-winning science educator. Sci-comm advisor to the White House. “A sexy vampire.” -Post Malone.
toadmeister London Today's update on the Daily Sceptic is here. The WHO is to make lockdowns part of official pandemic guidance; the US Government tells Americans to put their masks back on; and Nick Rendell suspects the vaccines don't really prevent 90% of Covid deaths. General Secretary of Free Speech Union (Editor-in-Chief of Daily Sceptic (Author of QPR Substack (
mercedking Chez Bippy @GOP Yes! We need MORE racism, MORE mass shootings, MORE pollution, MORE gaslighting, MORE authoritarianism, MORE Covid deaths and LESS women's rights! YEEHAW Go get your shine box
BouchellJohn PROOF: #Fauci's response #worst in world! Per capita and Raw numbers: America had the most covid cases, America had the most hospitalizations, America had the most Covid Deaths, America had the Most Vaccines. No wonder the UN wants to takeover. #JohnnnyBravo Kicked off more platforms than I knew existed- all for telling the truth.
coalchillinn Everyone needs hear what he is actually saying.“More deaths” with being the most jabbed country in the world and the harshest restrictions we are still seeing a high death rate? Also as per health Canada’s update to covid deaths this week. The 3 dose make up the most deaths. We all make our choices in life, the hard thing to do is live with them.
sankha_shubhra Varanasi, India Since 2020, have lost 9 patients to lockdown 2 patients due to COVID Among all follow up The 2 COVID deaths- one was 80+ not severely comorbid Other was end stage renal disease and frail 65+ COVID has been hyped too much for comfort Head-Geriatrics, IMS-BHU Dream- transform elderly health; Drug safety; Proud Hindu; Malaviya-bhakt; Lord Vishwanath would save the day
LaDiavolina Chicago/Montreal "The COVID-19 pandemic is easily the most deadly event in US history, far exceeding the numbers of Americans who died in the American Civil War, World War II, the 1918 pandemic, and the AIDS epidemic." Tech attorney, occasional scribe, perpetually disgruntled Rossonera. Italo-Canadese. Vices include carbs, Twitter, and mediocre (but handsome) strikers.
BertzFredrick Tucson, AZ @vlal42 @MyReveww @expsurugby @drninashapiro @napermom_kiddoc Masks matter: San Francisco and South Dakota have similar population. As of October last year, SD had 1500 more Covid deaths. SF would be expected to have more because of the urban population density. The difference was masking and other measures that SD ignored. Formerly: Psaki don’t go; Politically involved person with bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, spinal stenosis, and long Covid. 🌈🦄🌈
mbrg280 @CNN @NaegeliCosta @drsanjaygupta Somehow i think if Trump was still president and Covid deaths were surpassing a million and yet another surge was occurring, your reporting would be a little different. Atlanta in da house! Think outside the box. Hazin on da Blasian!!!
LeftistBasher @Mike_Is_A_Nerd Hey.. explain this amount of mismanagement and failure… Trump didn’t have the vaccine, Biden did, yet Biden had more Covid deaths. I’m waiting Skippy. People who claim a right to kill the unborn will not lecture me about compassion.
bigdeal_szn @Adrianr0677 @christoph7809 Liberals control all branches of govt and the presidency. Show me one area of everyday life that is better today than when republicans lost control. Crime? Border? Covid deaths? Fuel prices? Inflation? Can't wait to see how you explain away people who are about to lose homes! -BIG MAGA KING- Mostly offensive Texan. Conservative. Gun owner. Law and Order. Freedom. Facts! Astros. Soccer. Hockey.
thunderqueer Stolen Muscogee land This forker pushed everyone back to work before insuring we could safely return to work during deadly global pandemic. Covid deaths continue to pile up and he still owes me $600 for flipping Georgia blue for his crispy ass. Weirdo, moonhowler, queer, reiki, seiðr, psychopomp, stoner, switch. Unions & Funerals performed. ATL’s goofiest trans masc mystic from Mars🌚💀🌝 he/they/y’all
hentges_a Spokane, WA @TheGuru4You @juliejtyler @ProudSocialist He paid more money, and just him being there encouraged states to do it themselves, now we are still experiencing high covid deaths but mask mandates and CDC guidelines have ended and this administration is basically just trying to ride it out and ignore it is happening Chef, nerd, collector of many leather bound books.
BuzzFeedNews The US has confirmed at least 1 million COVID deaths. The scale of loss is difficult to comprehend and the grief of millions they leave behind is incalculable. Got something that needs 👀? Send us tips here: Support our reporting:
margarethazelh @charlesrusnell @jkenney With a million COVID deaths, America dives deep into a strange cult of self-sacrifice ADAM GOPNIK SPECIAL TO THE GLOBE AND MAIL
NFL_Kneeler United States @Blue4EverInCO @JoeReardonOhio @csgazette Who was President during the pull out and which President has the most COVID deaths? Still waiting for the publicly available clinical studies released before the vaxx deployment? You going to send the to me soon? 🇺🇸💪🏾🌹🌈🇺🇸 🙏🏾 Christian- Father- Husband- American Vet-POC-Pure Blood ⛑️💊Red Pilled former Lib-Tard.⛑️💊 ✝️Don't Follow me, Follow Jesus Christ✝️
JeffHaring Ventura County, California @Imwithherb @D_jeneration @Bennettkw2 @DrOz Oh I guess you look the other way as our current President caused 60% of the COVID deaths and the entire time he had a vaccine! And then he plunged our country into record inflation and high gas prices due to his policies. Crickets from the left Real Estate, Car Guy, Dog Lover, Oenophile & Business Relationships Professional in Ventura County, CA.
acemsdavis1 France lets me stay, yay! @fergus1281 @danielgoyal Many people have died AFTER 28 days after a positive test so are not in the govt. stats. If covid is on the death certificate it has contributed to their death. And the ONS figures for this are higher than the govt stats for covid deaths. OU graduate, former journalist and English teacher. Wife, mother, retired, still not more than 2% grey! 🕷️
SiddharthV3 Delhi 1200-year-old. Wow. That’s amazing! Also, do you have authentic data on last year’s: COVID deaths Urban and Rural employment Inflation figures Migrant workers Census Marketer | Dancer/Choreographer | Tony Stark 🌸
eyedontcaredoy1 The greatest Country: U.S.A. @HillaryClinton Yea and remember that Biden let it get to this point, and his record high gas prices, inflation, food shortages, more covid deaths than his predecessor, border crisis… I don't care, do you. Not a Bot. I dont want followers, Im not Jesus. Just a person with opinions in a world where you can be canceled for having free thought.
VanHargraves Coeur d'Alene, ID @healthcaretru @nycfreethinker @CTcynic @safeschoolsny @RWalensky @NYCSchools @MarkLevineNYC @Lynn4NYC @NYCMayor @GovKathyHochul @DrMaryTBassett @NYCHealthCommr @bradlander @JumaaneWilliams @TishJames If incidence has increased and everyone is testing on admission most of what you are calling hospitalization are admits for other reasons with a positive test. That’s why deaths are falling. If people were admitted for Covid deaths should have risen. Retired ER and family physician who has retreated to northern Idaho.
Imwithherb Cape Cod, MA, USA @D_jeneration @Bennettkw2 My face gets all screwy when I realize that this alleged physician, @DrOz, sold this soul to a man who caused 40% of all Covid deaths which did not have to happen but for his lying, incompetence, and sole concern being his re-election. Expect typos....lots of 'em.
rolferd Apple Valley, MN @BrookeKellyn @BurntCapital @WSJ Better results suggest better health care. Sweden had 1,876.81 Covid deaths per million; US had 2,995.28; Norway had 533.7. Health care in general, is better, cheaper, and more generally available in most other developed countries than it is in the US. OboeBass! duo bassist. Music matters & is for everyone! Grieg geek. Husband. Dad. Believer. Born at 315.58 ppm CO2, will settle for 350. #ClimateChangeBugsMe
ShaunORourke5 North Carolina, USA @elonmusk Covid deaths at 1 million and 275 per day on average ongoing. Mostly unvaccinated at this point. How many are Republican voters? Put that in your calculations. 😉 I've spent two decades in film and tv working for Hulu, HBO, CBS, Warner Bros., Disney, Lionsgate, TNT, NBC, Amazon Studios.
Temuing England @TalkTV the Kyle session on obesity was full of misinformation There's not a higher number of excessive deaths than historically, England didn't have more COVID deaths than Europe. If you want to have a debate, a) get the facts right, b) stop scaremongering and c) stop hectoring As Vince Lombardi said -If you'll not settle for anything less than your best, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish in your lives. Great advice!
XxitsameMarioXX citizen of the Us & Canada @koslen_bambi You do understand there has been vastly more covid deaths under Biden than under Trump, and thats with the vaccine available during Biden's term. Which I might add, would not have been available for Biden's term if not for Trump, + bidens anti vax rhetoric during Trumps term🤦‍♂️ my views are my own. f*** politicians, every last one of em. gotta stop dividing ourselves on multiple things, we aren't the Divided states of America🤦‍♂️
usatodayopinion USA TODAY HQ, McLean, Va. We lost 1 million people this time. We should look inward, steel ourselves to the truth and swear on the lives we’ve lost that we will never, ever let it happen so easily again. Editorials and opinions from USA TODAY's editorial page.
paralamision @DrNeilStone Even more obvious counterpoint: No government on Earth followed the GBD and as a result they ended up with: • 6.3 Million Covid deaths • and an uncounted number of containment deaths - unknown because no one will risk incrimination by counting them
FordhamPosc Prof. Monika McDermott (newly on Twitter @ProfMonikaMcD!) and David R. Jones discuss the relationship between party ID and Covid death at @ConversationUS. The official twitter account for the Department of Political Science @FordhamNYC
ModAmerArt Somewhere Nice @Ssimms777 @gregggonsalves Your data is wrong. Even the CDC adjusted covid deaths downward to indicate that most deaths were people over 78 with multiple comorbidities. You need to revisit the stats. And are you aware what the typical US mortality is during any year? Modern American Artist. Only TRUE art. Accept no imitations!
BetaRayBob1 Texas, USA @iverra3 @DwntwnDave @NoLieWithBTC Neither did the GDP. You know what did go up? Covid deaths and national debt. Trump and the GOP created a third of the entire national debt in only 4 years. But please keep going, I want to hear what else was awesome under the orange menace ... #Vaxxed #BLM #Ammendment14 Blue Texan. Still Resisting. Vote Blue. Praising murderous dictators is un-American.
ferristician Republican-leaning areas continue to face more COVID deaths : NPR: Amazing statistical/ causal story about the relationship between COVID deaths and Trump voters! The higher the Trump vote per county, the higher the number of COVID deaths per county!! A Statistics Professor teaching critical thinking through statistics as evidence. It's about context and thoughtfulness. Think slow. (Lover of National Parks!)
kieranmoolchan Treaty 1 It's wild that after everything the majority of individual citizens, healthcare workers, and scientists did to try to protect us, our government let us down so much that we live in a province where we have to say that COVID deaths per day, YEAR OVER YEAR, are SIGNIFICANTLY UP. #BlackLivesMatter Live with empathy + action. (he / him) Previously: Priceline, SkipTheDishes, Avenue4.
ray_sewnauth Houston, TX @MLBirchler Yes....over 6 million + COVID deaths world wide caused by China. WHO still supported China for that virus and the only person called out them was President Trump....WHO leader is all about power at the top. China will dominate the world in a few years. Renewable Energy is the future! Don't criticize,  condemn or complain!
a_standal not in Kansas anymore @POTUS Too bad it cost us 1 million+ American lives and untold numbers of people permanently disabled. Meanwhile the minimum wage remains $7.25 and $15 isn’t a living wage anywhere in America and even more people can’t afford either healthcare or education. Dropped the terrible and got in touch with my benevolent side... Mostly. Without freedom, justice, and equality for all, there is none. Climate Crisis is now.
neoskeptics Americans age 65 and older accounted for more than 75 percent of COVID deaths, but their share of deaths was more than four times their share of the population ... #vaccines ==> The Neoskeptics blog discusses public policy based on data available to the general public. Blog and associated Twitter accounts managed by Roy L. Beasley, PhD
DJMILLERJR Here @RealJamesWoods Biden be like: Border: "TRUMP" Inflation: "TRUMP" Gas prices: "PUTIN" Supply chain issues: "TRUMP and PUTIN" Afghanistan withdrawal: "TRUMP" Workforce shortage: "TRUMP" Covid deaths: "TRUMP" Jan 6th: "TRUMP" Biden blamed for any of the above: "One man can't have that affect" Boom...outta here!
AeroMedicine Worldwide US reaches 1 million Covid deaths, Europe 2 million-The @WHO also announced that the pandemic is receding everywhere except the Americas and Africa. #COVID19 #pandemic #Recovery Aviation & Aerospace Medicine. Environmental Medicine. Travel Medicine. Human Factors in Aviation. Aerospace #Scicomm
Manitoba_medic Oak Bluff, MB @bkives So #covid deaths for Jan - May this year are 160% over same period in 2021…yet @MBGov and health officials are doing almost nothing to promote #vaccine and #booster uptake and safe public health measures. #mbpoli Retired Paramedic, living with myeloma, husband, father, avid Jets and Bombers fan. Opinions are mine. RTs do not imply endorsement.
chagonz NY @marcorubio And four years of The Trumplican Party resulted in 1,000,000 COVID deaths and the near overthrow of our democracy - how about them manzanas ? Proud American-Cuban, joyful grandfather, Christ follower, lover of liberty and renouncing hypocrisy starting with my own
koslen_bambi US Overview of Trump’s and his adm. massive failures in the first 10 months of Covid. The Lancet holds him directly responsible for 40% of all Covid deaths while he was in Office. Yesterday the CDC stated 300,000 Covid deaths were preventable if vaxed. In 3 short sentences everything: "If not for myself,then who will be for me? And if I am only for myself,then what am I? And if not now, when?" Hillel the Elder
WHYYNews Philadelphia As Americans commemorate 1 million COVID deaths, the partisan divide of who has gotten sick and died continues to grow. The gap is mostly due to disinformation about the vaccines. Trustworthy news, insight, and conversation for the Philly region and beyond, straight from WHYY’s newsroom, NPR, and more.
mconceptionz @clkhawaii @johnrobertsFox 🇯🇵 Japan 🇯🇵 Covid Deaths plotted against boosters. Sources and translations in the image. 👇🏻 Don't look! 🙈 Still observing misconceptions
Tracy_Doves Melbourne @9NewsMelb It’s all about the reporting. UK reported ‘covid’ deaths but flu deaths completely disappeared. Now we can go to work with covid 🤷🏼‍♀️Go figure. Couple of cold and flu tablets and it’s BAU 🤔 Peace. Love. Fearlessly authentic. Counsellor. Customer advisor. Pathology IV pathology collector. Optical dispenser. £doveslove888 #AlmostLost. #SaveMe.
RogerLi53799411 Las Vegas, retiring in SE Asia @MichaelSchuman China seems to be doing well enough, and haven't bothered to ask for your opinion in running their country. You can keep your vaccines and the million Covid deaths for the US. Registered Nurse Dreams of Red China
HealthBegins Los Angeles, CA Existing health inequities and a poor #publichealth response has led to unimaginable grief. How America Lost One Million People via @nytimes CC: @DrMaryTBassett @LisaCooperMD @DrDebFurrHolden @LouiseAronson @AndrewNoymer @TCBPubHealth @DavidHayesBauti A mission-driven consulting & training firm dedicated to improving the social & structural drivers of health equity. #upstream #SDOH #healthequity #healthcare
ndwork @adambush_mri We do not know the long term effects of mRNA vaccinations, and there are more side effects discovered with time. The CDC created this study, which is a biased institution, and recommended vaccinations Finally, counting of Covid deaths is questionable: Asst. Professor at CU Anschutz. PhD in Electrical Engineering. Work: Biomedical imaging and radiation treatment planning. Hobby: macroecon based investing
GreatLust NY, NY @PatTheBerner Covid cases vs covid deaths and are deaths more prevalent amongst the unvaccinated? No respectability Politics. #Anthropology, #sociology, #socioeconomics, #sexed, #sexpositive, #history, #intersectionality, #BLM Get the picture? Some #NSFW
TorontoStar 1 Yonge St., Toronto, Canada Ontario reports 1,207 hospitalizations and 23 new COVID deaths Get the latest news, alerts, sports, photos and more from Canada's largest daily newspaper. 1-800-279-0181 Instagram: (@)thetorontostar

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