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alexmeshkin Imaginary ZeroCOVID USA The more coverage excess deaths get - the more anti-vaxxers will appear to be right since the 'scientists' refuse to acknowledge infections and especially repeat infections cause post-acute COVID deaths that are not being counted as COVID deaths. These idiots created this mess CEO of @FlowHealthHQ Since you keep asking, yes, I am a high school dropout. *I don't proof read my tweets
JamesMelville United Kingdom Sky News: “We don’t know what is driving those excess deaths.” UK excess deaths are off the scale. The vast majority are non Covid deaths. If this was due to Covid, our politicians and media would shouting from the rooftops about the cause. Made in Fife. Scottish diaspora. Communications and Sponsorship. Commentator and pundit. james@eastpointswest.co.uk
alexmeshkin Imaginary ZeroCOVID USA Let's rename COVID-19 to AR-15 and then Democrats will really care about the 500+ daily COVID deaths. CEO of @FlowHealthHQ Since you keep asking, yes, I am a high school dropout. *I don't proof read my tweets
becmccl @theBrianaMills Most would have been dying anyway from other underlying causes and then they count that as Covid deaths to make it look worse than it is RIP . You don’t have to be scared of Covid if your immune system is healthy. Those vaccines could kill you though
020644 ipswich UK health chiefs change how they record Covid deaths - and it means the official toll has gone UP by 4,000 via
BlaylockMooky Montgomery, AL @Patrick13972301 @MullicaMichelle @lindyli No not confirmed as fact. She had the same problem you morons have had for 2 years. You can’t explain the 18% increase in total deaths and 5% increase in non covid deaths in 2020
KateryneRussell The Internet and real life @RamonaQuaxli @redalpha23sims I *do* think it's a "big deal" because influenza deaths are generally not directly from influenza, but because of secondary infections encouraged by the flu. COVID deaths tend not to fall into that category, but are more direct (lung problems and vessel problems especially.) She/her. I'm a retired medical doctor with a background in infectious disease and public health. I play The Sims (currently 4) and Minecraft. Also in the SCA.
ObviousElk Antler River, Canadaland @DanJack73908205 @atRachelGilmore @ReporterTeresa "1 million" depending on how you count your beans and the criteria you use. If I want to count the number of deaths caused by obesity in 20-23 ("any death where obesity might have caused/contributed") I bet a lot of those "1 million covid deaths" could meet my criteria as well. Former guide at ww2 sites in Germany. Old soul. True neutral. Disco dancer. "What is history? A fable, agreed upon." - N Bonaparte
t26455450 New York, USA @RobsonMackie @Ottawa_Dad5 @nilikm @porterairlines @OPSBA Majority or covid deaths are people who are vaccinated and boosted though 🤷🏽‍♂️
Carl_E_Miller Ohio, USA @realstewpeters @johnrich At the same time, CNN was showing a ticker on the bottom of the screen counting COVID deaths and attributing them to Trump. So, naturally Trump wanted to make himself look good and praised a vaccine that he didn't know the safety of. Author of How to Grow Psilocybin Mushrooms. Journalist/Mycology Enthusiast/Researcher 🍄 Miller's Retro Drive-in on YouTube 📺
Allconsidered1 @dobssi @thereal_truther Dramatic drop meaning much less 'Covid deaths' after vax. (and exposure for 1 year) than the year prior. Back in Nov/Dec 2020, did you expect the graph to behave like this in the following months? (Knowing mass vaxx. was beginning) All matter equally
sandya418 DETROIT @ChunkieDogue @USA10_USA @RWMaloneMD @cooljamm55 I believe the greed was enhanced when Covid positive patients and Covid deaths were funded by hard-working taxpayer dollars. I understand the Covid funds for positive patients but why did they pay all that money for Covid deaths? just to get the pandemic statistics? Detroit girl born & raised. Cass tech grad when the school building was 9 stories high & a block long.
IiiEastman Hemet, CA @JShwayze111 @marimbaZulu @chargers Right.. just like motorcycle accidents were COVID deaths right? (Which were actually counted as such) logged and posted on death counter wheels on the news.. Please open your eyes.
FastEdd77585076 Canada @21_luuke @Lions Wrong, the majority of the anti crowd called the COVID deaths BS, remember when the flu disappeared for a year? you wouldn’t listen then and now you’re just fabricating more BS Father, Entrepreneur, Freedom lover, BTC evangelist in training.
FreeCountryLovr @LolitaTheDragon @WaitingForPerot @Hawksmom14 @Mumpsimus1 @JournalistReal @DiamondandSilk Kind of weird how this PlanDEMic virus happened right before that very important election and how convenient that the news media kept on blaming trump on all of the “covid” deaths then! How come the media aren’t blaming covid deaths on Biden? I love my family and my animals! I love helping people which is why I am a CNA. I am a proud American who loves her freedoms and rights#
cj_buzz @pete181522 @truth_checkers @LozzaFox A person i knew well contracted covid, became very ill and went onto a ventilator. He suffered cardiac arrest and died. In your world he shouldnt be on the covid deaths stats which would be patently incorrect love Family, BCFC. Pro Brexit. Anti the Anti-Vaxxers
datAliceArcher Los Angeles, CA @DADDIOWXXX The vaccine isn't a magic bullet anymore than the flu vaccine is. And people use the same excuse about covid deaths as they did about AIDS. NSFW-no one under 18- Top/switch/pansexual. I'm a sweet girl with a salty bite
Philfile Victoria, British Columbia @lesleyjanef @CBCNews The irony is so many people don't recognize this "study" as disinformation. Like government. 9 months, modelled. Unweighted data weighting given elderly and vulnerable, who did die from covid are 90%+ vaccinated? Given that how did disinformation increase covid deaths by 6%? Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly, Help Others, Count Your Blessings. Support your beliefs; verify your data. Limited government is good government.🇨🇦
WeimarKhazaria Long COVID, short covid, just vaxxed, not vaxxed, vaxxed last week ! It doesn’t matter how they fiddle the numbers or collate the data , weekly UK deaths are still 3000 and only the vax is in the frame. Cursed to be alive through this. Blessed to be the ones who must stop it.
ChapmanCNSNews Virginia @healthbyjames The majority of people now hospitalized and dying of COVID are the vaccinated. The so-called experts lied to us, for money and power and control. Catholic, father, book nerd. Tweets are my own. Retweets not endorsements. "The right time is any time that one is still so lucky as to have." -- Henry James
KissengerDr @Apkallatu @mihaiwilson @TRyanGregory Source.
MathPolice @PurlEvol @KellyEddy @Patti_McGreen Good question. It is unlikely to be a grave danger to most people. But the current numbers of excess deaths in well-vaccinated countries significantly outnumber COVID deaths now. Just keep an eye on it, and when considering another booster, ask yourself if you really need it. To protect and serve.
M_G_Krebs @healthbyjames You are despicable. Shame on you. Lies and misinformation. People like you share responsibility for 1.1 million Covid deaths in America, death rate leader of the free world. And Elon Muck shares responsibility as well for allowing this dangerous spew on his hate platform. 🌊🇺🇦tRump’s GQP is a cult of hateful fascist traitors. We must stop them from destroying our democracy. Vote Blue. Elon Musk is a racist. tRump for Jail. 🚫DM
MCBama231 @JustinHaworth @DavidRF34 @JesseKellyDC Ivermectin has been shown after extensive study to have minimal if any effect on Covid deaths. Take it if you want but don't tout it as a miracle cure. And lab leak is still no closer to proven than it was upon first discussion. Your examples are bad. Argumentative, fact-focused, moderate. Moderate politics apparently makes me a liberal.
ThisJaxy @RepThomasMassie YES BECAUSE PROTECTING THE LIVES OF STUDENTS AND STAFF IS ALWAYS THE RIGHT THING TO DO YSF See you at PRO LIFE BIBLE STUDY LATER? This cult is sick. I hope hell is real. Can u shame someone into being a decent human by showing them a mirror to their black soul? WORTH A TRY.
ladygreywolfmc Over here @razzli_ I’m waiting for the start of a class action suit against lying loser and Jared for the more than one million available Covid deaths. American families deserve justice.
18Voltz @rockismyth @RojoTampon @chargers we literally don’t know anything about how this man died and the first thing y’all try to do is use it for you’re narrative. You’re no different than the politicians that inflated numbers with covid deaths to push the vac. You extremists are the forkin problem go fork yourself
BaneCincy @SenateGOP Reminder the Cult refused to call out their Master on all his lies which lead to many Covid deaths and the events of Jan. 6th. The cult acts pro-life but they sure don't give a fork about your life once you are born.
Jed_Tonkins @CryoJohn @Liberty24324617 Right. And did deaths "kick up" significantly anywhere else? And did they "kick up" in places that managed to avoid covid deaths?
Boomdrummer2 @celinegounder And unvaccinated MAGA.
AlexSampson83 @steffd62 @AaronBastani 29 points ahead because the Tories repeatedly hit the self destruct button over the past 3 years. 175k negligent COVID deaths, tens of billions siphoned off to their pals, repeatedly broke the law and partied as people couldn't even be with their loved ones as they died...
PoP_NovaScotia 12 more Covid deaths reported this week in Nova Scotia. 12 more people missing from families and communities. The @nsgov should be ashamed of their complicity in normalizing these losses. 💔 Protect Our Province Nova Scotia is a community care initiative focussed on reducing COVID transmission through evidence-based mitigation.
davidagoodland Europe Strange that Covid deaths are still coming out at 500 plus per week. When we're told to dispense with masks and distancing and that we don't need Hepa filters in our schools. Is there something we should know? #Evusheld Actor/Writer. LGBTQ+. #BlackLivesMatter #lymphoma #FreeAssange David Goodland on mastodon @Gooders@toot.io
The_Last_Age Burien, Washington, USA @CraigIndiana @smcman100 @jimmy_dore The correlation can be found by looking at U.S. Counties voting behavior against Covid deaths.
NOCRAZYALLOWED United States Isn’t it strange that he was Trump’s doctor and Trump got vaccinated, and boosted, yet after all of the Covid deaths, he acts like Fauchi did something wrong? Is he a real doctor? #UnionMember #Resist #Democrat #BikersAgainstTrump I FOLLOW BACK
snorman1776 somewhere in AL @ProfessorAkston @AWokeZombie @stevin2021 @EWoodhouse7 @ClownBasket @contrarian4data @Lucy26398575 @EthicalSkeptic @Hold2LLC @TTBikeFit @AJKayWriter No need to deal with the suppression junk. I’ve posted all ~850k Covid deaths from 2020 and 2021. Parts I and II of death certificate with the entered sequence of causes. "Survived" Covid bc I can run a mile in under an hour | CIO @ | @GYamey's bane | I’ve been vaccinated for Yellow Fever and you have not
Billy_Two_Cents @Dyst0piaSystem @h2sdrummer @jared3268 @YumaRebel @NickForVA @JoJoFromJerz It wasn't though. Under Trump, things were fantastic. Economic growth, crime was going down year by year, we had no new ways and peace deals. Under Biden, crimes skyrocketing, economy is forked, we are in ww3 and there were more covid deaths.. Biden was worse in every way.
ultimatejazzfan United States @astokespop Lol it's vaccine deaths - and half the Covid deaths are also vaccine deaths - WAKE UP CLOWN The Ultimate Utah Jazz fan and the Ultimate expert in all things - pretty good at golf too. Always certain, usually correct $fmckj $fnmas
HealthAnthony @MichaelTW87 @ShortsTshirt @DrAseemMalhotra Here we go, pretending to understand IgG4 response. Guess what… booster are actually supporting the reduction in covid deaths and infection rates: KCL Alumni, University of Sheff Alumni, passionate about health; the NHS, Dr of immunology (HPV). Rugby, Educator.
Philfile Victoria, British Columbia @CTVNews Did the report weigh the unvaccinated amongst the aged and vulnerable, at nearly 100% vaccinated, or did they use a broad measure that didn't take into account the infinitesimal risk of covid death among the younger and healthy population? Absurd given 50K reported covid deaths Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly, Help Others, Count Your Blessings. Support your beliefs; verify your data. Limited government is good government.🇨🇦
zenapereality United Kingdom @NormanBrennan What about the violence this government pursues against its people. 45000 unnecessary COVID deaths. 200000 killed by the DWP according to United nations investigations against the British government. Austerity killed many more. The list goes on and on. Artist, NFT creator & collector. Owner of🔥Gonzo's Art Emporium🔥.🦧GME og 🦧Doge, LRC 💎👐🚀🌛
eye_that_sees Columbus, OH @FresherIdeasNew @jimmy_dore That’s one category. There are also people who died of other causes who also tested positive for COVID and those people were counted as COVID deaths As of last profile edit, it would not accept my 'real name' despite getting the checkmark.
Barn02239663 @Blackcricketx @JerasIkehorn Medical experts and virologists have warned about myocardial and stroke/clot issues from the "vax". They were banned early on. Science does not eliminate information. Some of the least percentag vaxed countries have the least amount of covid deaths - per the CDC.
RobertB74076068 @CTVNews Nonsense. Everyone lied about Covid deaths. No one differentiated between with and from. And the difference is huge. People died because the vaccine did not work, one iota Bad,Bad Mohawk man. Proud Hunter of Child Raping Freaks.#160 Alder ville
CKEDAY1 @RebelNewsOnline @TamaraUgo How about we start banning the disinformation media that has attributed to Covid deaths. Let's start with foreign owned or bought and paid for by MAGA - Rebel!
LibertyDoggo They put a literal count of Covid deaths on a screen for a year and made you hyper aware of death rates and death counts. Now we’re hyper aware of people dying and questioning every one of them, and they’re big mad about it. Question everything. Always. Flying high beats dying for lies in a politician’s war. #DaveSmith2024 #LPMC
U_Kiddin_Me United States Make Pfizer and Moderna responsible for all the covid deaths then ask. Conservative American
ashokmalik India China: Covid deaths are down by nearly 80% #Beijing's figures are believed to only represent a fraction of the true toll, given #China's narrow definition of a #Covid death and official estimates that swathes of #population have been infected @AFP News Journalist since 1971; Trendspotter. In social media age, use #SocialMedia platforms to feel pulse of society, cognoscenti. Follow @NUJIndiaOrg, @NujSchool
letstalkshoes22 @TannerMireault @JoJoFromJerz Also among the worst in health care, education, affordable housing and insurance costs. But close to the top in COVID deaths and then there's that no state income tax that you fail to consider, but do go on What's to know? I'm a woman. I LOVE SHOES. Share your thoughts on shoes. resistor Blue through and through #StandWithUkraine
leftyvegan @LawrenceGostin @CDCDirector @CDCgov Thank you for presiding over 700,000 COVID deaths and countless millions of serious illnesses and cases of long COVID, @CDCDirector. On behalf of @friendlycovid19, I thank her. Social psychologist, academic copy editor, socialist, vegan, former Green Party candidate for Congress. The Bitter Pill:

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