when will I finally die

666ZARIN Deutschland when will I finally die? crying is over, it is time to eat

PhoenixJustice #1AllMightDekuFan #1SHIELDFan When Sami and Kevin are well and come back, can they please come to SDLive SO I CAN GET MY SHINSUKE, SAMI, AND KEVIN TEAM? PLS???? If that ever happens, I will freaking DIE. ( @Wegthorn @Beck_Dalzell and @BattiBat will get all my Kevin/Sami related stuff when I go lol.) Writer,Speedrunner, Fangirl. Got ppl cheering for Charlotte on #SDLive. 2nd in Zangetsu Only,Ultimate Casual. Wrestling is everything. Call me Phoenix or PJ. :)

siralexslad United Kingdom @davidkurten @Vote_UKIP I will die first. When will all this crap end? Average white male Manchester born & bred & just trying to voice my opinion! It may matter it may not but it's mine!

watotochurch Uganda When we die, those who believe in Jesus go into God’s presence. “Jesus answered him, ‘Truly? I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.’” Luke 23:43 #WhatHappens #WhenWeDie Life-giving Community Church - locations in Kampala, Gulu and Juba, South Sudan - Home of Watoto Child Care Ministries

jeljewell If I die before my grandma will somebody plz text or call her and tell her that you love her and hope she sleeps well every night? She gets really sad when I forget to do it sometimes

HRMRobertBruce @ChrisLoesch What the HELL will *you* do Hugh Morris besides whimper, crap your pants and wet yourself when the deranged killer shoots you in the back of your head? I’ll die with a smoking pistol, slide locked back on an empty mag and my teeth in the bastard’s throat, you pusillanimous coward Rightful King of Scotland. I'm into swordplay, jousting, wenching, mead, wine and politics.

KristalPatina Avenue of the Corrupted Souls Would you rather know when you will die or how you will die? — I would rather know when will I die because I could then prepare myself prior to it. Knowing how I’ll die will just tur… Contents are excerpt from a chamber of neurons and dynamites; 99.9% atoms, the rest are opinions. Writer • 多才- 🇵🇭🇯🇵 Breakthrough Maker. Future Lawyer.

PureMind__ Eko, Nigeria Have u ever love someone that you think without them in ur life you will die the next minute? I once did and I almost took my own life when she left. I saw my world fall apart, my life was in shambles, I hated every one else. I loved too much, I was the architect of my woes I live in the woods, I've got no luxury..But I have a life, that's so beautiful....I'm contented! For Adverts, Publicity & Promotions, DM.

angelgirl272010 Rockford, MI Comparatively, I am very petite and skinny, but sad to say this...she is SO Unhealthy!! Never in all my life, could I imagine being this Big-Ever!! I would die!! But, this is my point though! Plus Size even gets to model, when will #petite get any respect? I am an actress, writer, singer, and world explorer! Represented By: MAC Talent Agency 🎬📹📽️🎞️

drejones Los Angeles, CA I wonder what they’ll do when everyone is counted and the surveillance state is complete. Will they sleep a little better, then? Or will they still die like the rest of us, the dark rushing in on you and then nothing. who sandwiches the sandwich makers?

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