u realize she doesn't give a shit about u just like no one else does either

@loveprincess4u @chrissyteigen u realize she doesn't give a shit about u just like no one else does either
JamesMBKeith james.keith@w00t.complex.com
@ryanbassil holy shit
northstardoh Greenland
the she goes off about some refrigerator door or some shit
dcast202 Longwood, FL
@orlandosentinel Probably because these teens were jerks! There's no discipline anymore!! Parents need to get their shit together!
ladybug_lady200 Earth
This is the shit that happens when jews rule the world, jews must be stopped

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fckgjack badlands
@__sirFxfn that shit
DerHeaphster gloucestershire possibly
@beffgordon these stubborn,closed minded,heartless,judgemental,nasty bitches. Just block and talk shit. @bethhhuxtable @lois_warner
Duck_Tubby Ocean Man
I'm getting meme raped gotta make a shit post rn
_bbyzee bby Im from Newark, Nj.
the shit I just woke up to 😳😅 shit craaazzzzyyy.
TheGamingFrosty new channel below
@FaceplantStu get my on that shit xd
_Metor__Stream_ 대한민국 어느 빌라의 반지하
@jykssu51 Ah, Crap!
@fabianseung boi, i smoke the whole shit
norrby_paul Harlem, GA
@KimKardashian This is teenage girl shit.. trying to publicly embarrass each other over social media?But this is world wide? pretty sad..
sad24_7_365 hell
I need a grief therapy to deal with vegetarian crap .
TRPNXTDR Brandy Mf Boyfriend❤️
@cordaciaa_ she better take that shit worldwide and get paid lol she got the ticket
Shodd__ MoneyTeam❗️New Orleans
@kkaaayyy_ I Been used to Much I want know shit Real right off the back !!!
omgtumblrsht OTRATMNL • DM: 3/5 & 5SOS
"People don’t want constant updates on your life, fam. This shit isn’t CNN."
kerrynwoods Melbourne, Australia
@ColourpurpleGal My eldest tried to con me numerous times over this kind of shit. They forget we were teenagers once too. 🙄
deadypoo wishing I was in Portugal
Ill try anal ! Oh shit
ritholtz NYC
Holy shit is this silly! Dumbest thing you will read this year: Kansas: An Unsung Hero For Economic Growth
trollbait69 ashton
@radfaker bet it tastes like shit there

Created: 20 Jul 2016