i ve never understood people who have this mentality like those people who think it s quirky and will be like omg in scary movies idc who gets brutally slaughtered i just hate when the dogs die that s what REALLY upsets me like ok so you are a moron

revengexjami i’ve never understood people who have this mentality? 💀 like those people who think it’s quirky and will be like “omg in scary movies idc who gets brutally slaughtered i just hate when the dogs die :((((((( that’s what REALLY upsets me” like ok so you are a moron?
MarcusDoubleO7 @JEFFV4JC @joncoopertweets Funny that there are so many fools that buy into that "California is going down" BS! California isn't going anywhere. We still LEAD the nation. Remember when you laughed at electric cars? I'll watch your laughs DIE DOWN as Ford F150 electric kicks ass. China will rule soon...
ItsWubsky @IGN When can I say I am older than Minecraft? I feel like this game will never die! Wubsky. I like the Wubs and I like the HUSIES | CHEF | LURKER | 32 | WEST COAST | EDM LOVER | SUBWOOFER BUILDER | YOUTUBER | was ItsRedWarHusky
UHDreviews Perth @greg_bojan @10MBITCOIN @WhaleChart If a million BTC moves and it went to, say, 200-500$ again? I would advocate my olds put 50% of what will be my net worth when they die, in the dip. As it would rebound. Even if BSV "wins" one day BTC will first overtake gold at least as store of value. So 1.5M or higher peak 🇦🇺 Fringe Minority with 'unacceptable' views #Honk 🚛🏁🇨🇦
KAlbenasia today i just want to die . i felt lonely and feeling useless , when will i get to the point someone can understand me? i want to die
himeforever3 I hate when ppl say will u die knowing Jesus the real question is will he know you? Looking forward to the new earth and the coming kingdom to dwell in the house of My Creator forever 🥰
rwlwtakes @ILoveRaphtalia @AustinJames293 I'm cis fucktard, but nice of you to prove my point about you being a bigot. Would you talk that way about black people or women? Also good to know how your really feel, when all the old heads die out we will show you the same courtesy. Bigots will be *handled* appropriately.
JenniferG1971 AMERICA @DHSgov When will the border be protected? STOP THE NEEDLESS KILLING OF OUR YOUTH. How many emails do I need to get from my kids school about a Fentynal overdoses? Thanking God it wasn't my child. And how many of our children will die needlessly by ILLEGALS?? You're worthless.
garymotion North West, England @DustyScarbro @TSGIGATT @DrFrankTurek You're not addressing my question and keep steering things to free will. I'm asking if god knows what I will do. Does he know my beliefs when I die? Animator. Director. Skeptic. Atheist.
theepurplejay @Number1fusion So?! I WILL MAKE OUT WITH YAMCHA EVEN WHEN I DIE Age: 15 IQ: blueberry Discord: theejayy#0187 BFF: @RandomWebGirl Banner by @NotSmartGine darling: @cuck_yamcha 😴buddy: @sleepyyamcha
frappuccinoadd Egypt Nefsy a3raf ana emta hatla3 men el ekte2ab da? When will it actually leave me alone? When will I love myself fully and stop wanting to die begad
Narcissist__17 London, United Kingdom What’s happens when we die ? I know that the ones who loves us, will miss us. I create Emotions