I have no idea how my father made it out of there alive. But he did. And it f**cked him up.
The has sanitized so nothing like the 60's ever happen again. Jimi was there. He knows the and you can hear it pouring out of him in this. Watch. And know, when you choose sides you're rooting for someone's child to for

My 6-yr old asked one of the BIG questions the other day.

"Daddy, why do we live"

Knowing that he's being influenced by the ubiquitous botherers, I responded:

"Because of , little buddy. Kind of like the lightbulbs in our house, we all have a in us that runs through our and . When that spark goes out, we die."

He thought a bit about that, and then came the next BIG question:

"What happens when we "

I carried the analogy further and told him:

"We become a part of the electricity that runs through the entire that let's everything live. Which is super important, because without that electricity, nothing would live."

Long pause ... "And, is that , Daddy"

I replied: "Well, nobody knows for sure, but a lot of really people think it is."


persoenlich.com: Wahlen 2023: So haben die Medien den Wahlsonntag gemeistert

Vier Stimmen aus Medien, Wissenschaft, Kommunikation und Strategieberatung zur Wahlberichterstattung.

Previously people were of because , staff, , & didn't have . Now people become or from because people choose not to wear to protect themselves & others from . This is the consequence of the normalising a potentially lethal .

An der Grenze zum Libanon brechen immer mehr Kmpfe zwischen Hisbollah und Israel aus. Die israelische Armee befrchtet, dass sich der Konflikt auf das ganze Land ausbreiten knnte.

How to a loss of and why it is to well.

A third of and a fifth of over 50 will suffer a because of bones so they can easily . Some will within a year.

LOS ANGELES (AP) Burt Young, the Oscar-nominated actor who played Paulie, the rough-hewn, mumbling-and-grumbling best friend, corner-man and brother-in-law to Sylvester Stallone in the Rocky franchise, has died.

R.I.P. Burt Young

Rishi Sunak IGNORED the science with his Covid-spreading Eat Out to Die Out Vox Political

Out -19

in of .

Long was in and left to on the street.

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However, repentance is not accepted from those who knowingly persist in sin until they start dying, and then cry, Now I repent! nor those who die as disbelievers. For them We have prepared a painful punishment.

#Quran #Quran4 #Quran418 #verse #repentance #accepted #knowingly #persist #sin #until #start #cry #repent #die #disbelievers #prepared #painful #punishment

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And Should Be First Calling For And In , To Be Turned Over To And The .
Ismail Haniyeh And Hamas Reside In Luxury In Doha, Qatar As They Leave The They've Into To For Their .
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Our Brothers And Sisters Languish In With As Haniyeh And Hamas And Qatar Airways.
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Es sind drei groe : Klimakrise, die und die . Nur wenn es uns gelingt alle drei anzugehen bleibt unsere Lebensgrundlage halbwegs stabil.

PFAS das sind Chemikalien aus der Vergangenheit

: Were All Gonna .

With her new , the and - wrestles with and , and emerges and .

Find out When you Will Die!


Die beste Band der Welt aus Berlin hat ein Herz fr Menschen die es nicht so gut haben, sie werden fr 2 Konzerte in Berlin Sozialtickets anbieten.

# rzte

Wie schlimm sind die Fans in meinem Verein Die Gewalt-Tabelle der Bundesliga

"Aber diese Scheu, das Offensichtliche zu sagen, bleibt dennoch."

"Die neuen Nazis wissen ganz genau, dass das ihre Architektur ist."

-wirkt-fort -der-SS -neuen-Nazis

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The Most US States To In, Ranked

Si vous tes ce weekend l'chappe des rues, allez voir "La Motivation" de la compagnie Le Dnouement Qu'on Voudrait, c'est un super spectacle d'une pote moi

"...es wr schn, wenn sie verstehn: zum Homo Sapiens gehrt nicht nur aufrecht gehn..." - Die rzte

# rzte

" erwarten bessere als im Vorjahr

Die deutsche wird in diesem Jahr voraussichtlich deutlich besser auszufallen als 2022. Rebpflanzen hatten genug , auerdem blieben grere etwa durch aus."

And yes, it's not uncommon for someone to many months even for that are obviously . People of cancers and other conditions that may have been treatable if they had seen a specialist sooner, and got into treatment sooner.

Even when life's not at stake, the delays can impact lives. You need a new knee or shoulder so you can work and live again In many places, you'll wait at least a year, and probably two.

is not a .

Sick and disabled people are dying while trying to claim benefits Tory press calls them scroungers again Vox Political

Capability Assessment of future deaths Abrahams Pierce


120000 patients have died waiting for NHS treatment on Rishi Sunaks watch Vox Political

Health Service Sunak #120000

These people live among us. They are . It may be time to accelerate the ways to

Credit to globalnews for the clip.

Running towards a and her cubs Definitely a way to . They live among us.

Gaming rulebooks, trademarks, and general conversation in most of the 1900s used dice for singular usage, and die for collective references. 

If I went back to , I'd have to get high-calorie meals and snacks to feed my brain with a break timer so I don't lose too much weight from forgetting to eat and accidentally .

CSU ist selbst schwarz-braun, die interessiert das Thema nur unter Wahlkampfgesichtspunkten.

Was sind denn das fr seltsame des nach "" wofr man bei , als Brger:in, in "" , , "" wird

Wer hat Welche sind das Warum Wie kommen "" damit durch

I think we invented because we figured out that we're gonna .

A is something you tell other people so your experiences don't end with you.

If we lived forever we wouldn't need to tell our stories.

But we do, and those around us do too. So we started telling stories to forestall and evade .

I've gotten behind on linking my Fringe posts here. Here's a comedic Monday, with Scoobie Doosical and Die-Nasty. -nasty

Day 25: Unplayed RPG I own. I own far too many unplayed RPGs but I'm steadily whittling the number down. Right now, the one I yearn to play most is from Rowan Rook & Decard - Goth Jumanji for the win!

Why Your Makes You See If You're About to by

Alt. link.:

The human psyche is a miracolous thing, in my opinion

Roll the diceor rather, the single : - (Hen-, a.k.a. Hen-). Cyclic crux of .

Okay, dann gehts zu den # rzte nach Potsdam!
Tickets gekauft.

Personal Representative Duties