Then u must be a Christian or Moslemone of the 2 i will answer your quwstionwhen u begin life did u know u exit when your parent gave birth to youand now answer me how do u know you go to heaven or hell after you die

Elton80273901 @_XAUUSD @Pinkbee_ Then u must be a Christian or Moslem....one of the 2 ....i will answer your quwstion...when u begin life did u know u exit when your parent gave birth to you?....and now answer me how do u know you go to heaven or hell after you die i hate fear it self so i don't
ImanAlexandre nr can i die? just for a day? i just wanna see who will cry when im gone.. what having? @smexybebe
AyeeshaTY_ mom home So I can’t make it to someone status, dp Or header? May be na when I die my pics will go round with the caption “RIP”💔 patient 1 _ummata_😘_ glasses 👓_babul jannati_🌼 Foddie, I repeat foodie _zero hate and tension 💥 Kdrama😘_LFC ⚽_VIRGIL ❤️ YNWA🤞
aintitjuslovely Durdy South Ain’t nothing like being in the ER alone. Just wonder if this is my normal? Will I die alone when it’s my time? If it’s not covid, then what is it? Mental health, guns, new bacteria, new virus? #COVID19Vaccine #death #goodbye Living in the moment but also awake to what is going on around me. My experience don’t define me. It is my fuel to fight, to love, to encourage and to educate💜
RabbitJunkLyric Goodnight Good call Soon I think the sky will fall Will she be there to hold it up When he comes home from getting fucked up? I think not All is lost He'll die in the frost A victim of his own high cost A now she's just a bleeding wounded Haunting in his bedroom
RealThomasJBean Charlotte, NC We’re taught that it is selfish to ask “What do I get in exchange for what you’re getting from me?” It isn’t selfish at all; it’s self-love. If you don’t start asking the question now, when you die your children will be forced to take inventory of your life and answer: “Nothing.” I would rather glorify God than take any personal credit for His Blessings | Humbled and Grateful
SfinishedIt Ebonyi State @Coal_City @AgathusCakery When will it be enough? How long will they kill us before we become annoyed? Life too sweet us, if not there's no way all of us will die once. I am tied of watching these mess daily. JesusIsLord
MelanieG1961 I believe #neonicotinoids have no place in a #wilderfuture, so I've joined @wildlifetrusts in calling on the Prime Minister to overturn this terrible decision. @sajidjavid, will you support me and back it too? When the bees die .... we die 😡
IanSharar Dallas, TX I can’t even picture a time when masks won’t be required. It doesn’t stop at COVID. This will now happen every time the flu flares up. It will be “so you want children to die!?!” Watch. Emmy Award winning Filmmaker, Game Developer
dadparts Who will join me when I jump from the edge into oblivion? Nobody? That’s ok, we live as we die and soon I will be killed.

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