AciDicGamerz Florida
@_D33B33_ But again, I don't see why anyone cares about it being so popular or why people want to speculate when it…
This is how and when I will die .
Rukha_Salman Lahore, Pakistan
When will my soul be free? Death doesn’t come, but I die everyday by living another day. God has chosen this torture for me
Purple_TRP_CPU ???
@twofacedneko *Gear looks pleadingly at Ghost, knowing she had to go.* "Will...will you come with me? I'm probabl…
TrentNoble16 Victoria, Australia
@seemlyirony @realDonaldTrump I will when my politicans allow as many children to die at school as yours does.
Yoongles_Hands Yoongi's Ass
I’m just a depressed suicidal kid telling other depressed and suicidal kids that everything will be okay when I don…
This is how and when I will die .
adrinktothepast Angel Grove, CA
When I die, my funeral’s soundtrack will just be Aaliyah’s Aaliyah album on god damn repeat. #Aaliyah #TheRedAlbum
lipskillyent Worldwide
5 u got on trend 5786 not one bitch will get away with spit on my mansion - when i told u im hitting u hos in the f…
So I ask you, when faced with death, who will survive? Live or die, William. Make your choice. #Jigsaw
teahyungiieee 🇵🇭
RedCode1001 i can't stay more than 2 months in the same place i even forgot my own language
@jinseulrene lmao it's not like that and i don't know if "crush"is the right word to say it either XD i liked my fr…
arushigarg90 Oxford, England
'I have debated throughout the day how to go about my living: how to give credence to the legitimate daily fear tha…
randommarie2015 Third Ball From the Sun
I will sleep when I die
When I die they will cut open my heart and find nothing but worn credit cards and pungent goo. Bloody hell, they wi…
lulovegood__ Somewhere
This is how and when I will die .
laibunag PH | 1/F O U R | Narra
it seems to me that when i die these words will be written in my stone
Rogue_Rep_Voter Indiana, USA
I submit to you exactly why this is well beyond a movement. If I were the NRA, I would realize when the ground is f…
4thosewhomissed for those who missed it
When I Die Then You Will Realize
Mariam_hehe Antarctica⛄❄
Shagaf elahi u will miss me when i will die of..... Uk what:'(
Lucariwhoa Treaty 4 Territory
i'm a gun owner, and i will never take another person's life over my own. idk what Bible you read, but when I was a…
sdmn__ New Zealand
Veima and I just discovered Facebook legacy contacts lmao even if our life ain’t together rn at least our facebooks…
enderglow she/her | WA
@calleditrunning i love You so much when i hug you i will Die in a good way
SBridgeRantBoy Stourbridge, West Midlands.
Yesterday was the anniversary of the death in 1903 of a Scottish army officer Hector McDonald. When i say ‘death’ i…
pinksausaqes wanna one
sigh . when will woojin not show his abs during burn it up i can just die everyday
KathleenQueen6 New York, USA
Yes, I wanna see that too! I guess you can only find that in the Bible of Rethugs. When they die, they will absolut…
MFAPM palu, sulawesi of tengah of indonesia
One time weed made me emotional and shit and I started to cry when I listened closely to Space Oddity and found out…
JackDan31 Kerry, Ireland
When it comes to a matter of life or death. I will clearly vote along party guidelines because that is what my cons…
nikieziey Jertih Terengganu, Malaysia
I get so scared that death will come to me when my imaan is low. I pray that Allah swt takes us when He is most ple…

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