Ah really Is already anticipating but he s just Man When will he ever had the chance to snuggle into a big starfish Nuzzle nuzzle We die on this hill You re just like my cousin then I m impressed

SeaPancakery Home @L_yingLun Ah! really~? [ Is already anticipating, but he's just. Man. When will he ever had the chance to snuggle into a big starfish ] [ Nuzzle nuzzle ] [ We die on this hill ] You're just like my cousin then~ I'm impressed~ Seapan Bakery is open ! || LMK OC Rp Account || #LMKRP ||

OurHauntedWorld Lewes, England We ask the question: Are we alone in the universe? To this question, we dedicate great minds and research. We ask the question: Is there life after death? To this question, we shrug our shoulders and say, "I suppose I will find out when I die." Humble Prophet 😇 Time Traveller 🕒🚀⚡️ Quantum Photographer 🧠📸 Not An Alien 👽🛸 People Are Great! 💯💖👋🤩 I Also Wrote A Book! 💭✍️📘🫨

katerags @RandiRhodes @tcb_hailstone @CBSEveningNews @NorahODonnell But how many pedophiles and reaped have occurred? Somedeserve to die when it comes to issues of protecting family. If I were a single mom, a gun would come in handy. The government will never show at your door as fast as you can.

angelosgeo My founders 👉 @JMaraganore This reinforced my belief that when there's a strong mission, people will die for it whether they're under the same roof or not. I believe in possibility, and zero assumptions. What if there is a biotech team out there that is more productive working remotely? Coached 120+ founders (50+ YC) • Harvard i-lab mentor • ❤️🧬 • @NucleateHQ • tweets on: startups, biotech, CEO excellence, high-performing teams, culture

rubyIavender the valley of the end Now what do I live for? When taking revenge, do we prepare two graves? Now I have no one who will die with me. a place for words dear to me. reply for source.

SamanthaPostman Growth @Undlunkulu_Xoli How big? I was thinking 4Tb but the cost is insane! I'm tired of hauling my extra drive around and cloud is so slow at my place. Plus, I have to downlaod and I end up with files freaking everywhere. My kids will hate me when I die. Growth Whisperer in life & business. Exploring Modern Renaissance Polymathy. Tax accountant turned Online Biz Consultant, Serial Entrepreneur, Farmer, Creative+

TRUTHJudah77 @lance_cotten You're surprised? Ezekiel 3:18 [18]When I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand.

oerbadiavaniIIe i: sugahri, quotes account i need to know... when i die, will i get to see you again? ...not that i have any right to. well, i guess we all come to this world alone and that's the way we've gotta leave it. i'll just take it one day at a time.

bonniecoded she/her minor Am I normal? Is this feeling right? It's hard to keep on living when I see no light For a while I had asked, should I fucking die? Or who am I? Will I live tonight? @noladotlol - bot that exists for no other reason than to post lyrics and quotes i think are really cool hi ^_^
when will i die, death
SHEsure7 United Kingdom @fkeyamo Bro you are a pathological liar. The earth will reject your body when you die I swear. And both the gates of heaven and hell will be shut against you. Omo the devil no go gree make@you enter him house because how do you breath at night? How? A believer of equal rights for women.

TheNewAtheists Nashville, TN @QuirkyGrrrl Happened 18 months ago. There was a time I listened to conservative radio to educate myself and Phil was one of the many voices I heard. I wasn’t shocked when this happened. I merely asked myself “how many Qservatives will die for conspiracies?” Ex-Christian

fckedupante proship dni || link to game ↓ Wake up. Or stay here~ End it all and spend your life in this hollow dream~ When you do it.... will you do it beautifully? With Vineleaves in your hair? No. I know you dear player. You will keep playing this. You won't let him die. Forever and ever and ever. fucked up and evil danganronpa: antebellum quotes // NOT SPOILER FREE // run by marcy 👍

RegXIV Australia @naner44 @krischouck @cybrpete @shelleymdavis60 Who said the vaxxed aren't supposed to die? When you were in medical school (i know you weren't) where did they tell you that medicine is a 100 percent fool proof forcefield? Magical Christmas miracle maybe? When theres more thats vaxxed MORE VAXXED WILL DIE. Absolute idiot! Transwoman (circa 2008) 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️ Life's a Journey, Bring an open mind.

Uchechu33651257 Heavens gate caraphet @Moonlight4shine @simon_ekpa How am I sitting on the fence? and what don't I know? If u come out with ur full chest and beg genocide against us when u die the Igbo race will as well be wiped out xo make sure u are thinking things through before begging war.....onye ndu knows what he is doin using litle force I am a great dancer

TrueShoebill @akshai1993 Then you'll appreciate this ~3mins emotional CGI short. "Jumping off from the top will be an awesome way to take your life" Why die? When I imagine such leaps, I always think I'm like Major Motoko Kusanagi with her vertical acrobatics set to the OST CDs. Sintashta carts weren't chariots (Littauer & Crouwel 1996, Crouwel 2019). Linear A/Minoan is an Indo-European Anatolian language (Finkelberg 2000). Now you know

marumoribot in between when i die, someday in the future, will my bones end up on someone's altar or bone room? will i know? and more importantly, will someone--anyone--bring me home and lay me back to rest? n. the heartbreaking simplicity of ordinary things.

66Buyukelcisi Yozgat, Türkiye @Industrialisti @AdinOfCrimea @TallbarFIN @clashreport You are pure stupid like your friend . I am a soldier and my team work with NATO. Tomorrow when Russia attack to Swedish I Will go to Stockholm for protect them But they burn my Faith. How can I die for them then they hate me? Yozgat’ı temsil etmek her zaman şereftir.

themartinny #internetbubble @mosaicAzure and then Childe went "when I die, how will you grieve over me?" and then angsty convos starts from there *sad violin music* 29 y/o. Currently into: FE3H/Claudeleth, Genshin (Chilumi), spyxfam, psychopass. meslunettes @ AO3. pro-creativity. queen of fluff and slice of life.

ballgod11_ Africa,Ghana🇬🇭 When I die I won’t come back again, will I? MORE THAN AN ATHLETE

123pawspower and when mom comes she will scream at me too can i die already?

celiastjamesbot “Why am I going to marry Robert?” “So that when I die, everything I own will be yours. My estate will be under your control. And you can keep my legacy.” — tweeting celia st james quotes

HilHodus when will there be ACTION? @TODAYshow said there have been 38 mass shootings this year, today is Jan 24. I am pro-responsible gun ownership, NO ONE outside the military needs an automatic weapon. Does a family member of someone in the @NRA need to die before action is taken?! Full time mom, part time community volunteer, chauffeur, cook, dog walker and researcher.

GillingMeSoftly Richmond, VA Be still my gay heart! 🥹🥰 But what will she wear?! Ugh, it won’t matter because I’ll die when she walks out and wiggles her fingers or scrunches her gorgeous face because she’s so good damn adorable. ✨sighs in lesbian✨ A Greta married to a Carson | RPh | Part of D’Arcy’s Horde | she/her | #renewALOTO 🍑 | 2nd twitter acct

Telegraph London, UK When Elvin was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer in 2016, his first question was: “Will I die?” His second was: “Will I be able to get an erection again?”👇 Think ahead with the latest news, comment, analysis and video. Subscribe here:
zairanirizal Belawan When time formidable combination. But when I die who will ؟? نمشے 🔹W77🔹 🔹W77🔹 🔹W77🔹 Ibu rumah tangga

shilpahp597 Bengaluru, India Citi bank, I am still waiting when you will wake up? Have ever got chance to know about shree ram ? One of his devotee will wait for him and become oldest finally he will go to her but I don’t think Citi will wake up even if I die also. # want justice# In a world full of trends, I'm a classic.

baddgyallM Lol so when I die of bp then people will stop irritating me right? 👩🏾‍⚖️👩🏾‍⚖️//Wizkids wife🧏🏾‍♀️// unapologetically unbothered and this is my diary.

asianettholvies i think i’ll probably die waiting for my life to turn around cause rn i feel there’s absolutely nothing i can do to make it better and less excruciating. when will everything fall into place? when will i go to sleep, excited about the next day? when will i ever feel loved? enik vayya misinterpreted aavaan

san_xg earth? What happens when I die Will people take their time Shedding their tears - Zevia, why do i exist? this is my private journal, don't share it if you know me irl

Gretchen_Foobar In Red Country SE Wisconsin. @laurenboebert @VP Are you speaking for the 10's of thousands who die from guns each year? Two mass shootings in three days taking the lives of 20 people. I wonder what you will say when it is your son or daughter that is a victim. #VoteBlue2024. Elon Musk has screwed Twitter. Bots are Rampant. No DM's unless asked. Stop putting me on your damn lists!!!

scotty_carts @wastingmytimeh1 @theGrope22 @IncontinentGoat @OzraeliAvi @RebelNewsOnline So ppl were driving around for a bit until someone thought “Shit, this driving caper is deadly, let’s make a seatbelt to ensure that whoever wears it will never die in a car crash.” And ppl kept dying in car crashes when wearing their seatbelt. I honestly don’t get your point?

AquaMarina924 Hutao: ADHD (hc absorbed from a friend bc I don't know her lore well) -Whismy!!! Sillay gal!!! -she pulled a me when she was younger and decided "Oh I'm weird? Well guess what I think it's cool so now I will be cringe and free" would rather die than be bored (me too) (1/3) I rt and draw | She/They | EN/CN | AroAce | Neurodivergent & a major (ADHD, 18) | VENTI BRAINROT Tumblr: Littleblueberryartist

Beams_Game Germany @Epyx_Apshai @GeromanAT From a neutral perspective, when theoretically the strongest and healthy males die on the battlefield, what sort of future should have that country? Who will fill the rows to repopulate? War is hell and i am sorry for any loss on any side in any war. Only me, no blah, no lies Some pictures, created by moving my right hand and clicking wild #Beams_Classics MeepMood@proton.me He/Him! DM open ;)

nellavrev and when the straight person is like "maybe i like you" the gay one will go "what do you mean you like me?? you're not gay, you will choose girl again, you will get hated by your parents and society if you are together with me and i'd rather die than let you go through this"

fuckedup_yttd NSFW + PROSHIP DNI Please come quick... Professor... Why... why...? Why... did you forget about me... I did everything... for your sake... Professor... When... will you die for me...? It hurts... I'm so lonely... I respected you for so long... But... you've... You've really forgotten about me... im not paying for your therapy. untagged spoilers up to 3-1b